100 questions about the universe (Joan Anton Català Amigó)

We are looking at the Spanish version of the book “100 questions about the Universities”, published in 2018 by Cossetània, and which is still as current as then.

Using the format that has become the hallmark of the CIENX100 collection, its author, Joan Anton Català Amigó, chemist and great popularizer of astronomy, reels over 100 short chapters as many extremely interesting questions related to this science.

As its subtitle points out, its pages will take us from the Big Bang to the search for life. Indeed, over a couple of pages of tight information, the author answers up to one hundred questions one by one that are intended to reflect the concern of any astronomer.

In simple and very precise words, we will find out how the universe is expanding, what is its structure, what is a galaxy, how life could appear, etc.

In search of a specific order that facilitates our search, since the book can be read continuously or looking for particular topics, the 100 questions have been divided into five general sections. More specifically, they are devoted consecutively to the universe itself, to the minor elements found in it (such as stars and planets), to the gigantic galaxies, to the theory of relativity and its relationship with the universe, and finally to life. in the.

In these sections we will find answers to questions related to well-known and well-founded topics, but also to others that we know much less about but that are just as or more fascinating, such as the hypothetical existence of extraterrestrial life. Although in the latter cases the answers cannot be complete or exhaustive, they do serve as an introduction to problems that could be solved in the future.

Each chapter has been thought to be perfectly understandable even without having read related ones previously. The author thus gets both an informative book on astronomy and a guide to concepts that are exposed and resolved in the simplest possible way.

Most of the hot topics and of greatest interest in astronomy will be at our disposal in this book, giving us the keys that allow us to decide if it is necessary to seek more information and expand our knowledge in this regard, taking into account that some have been specially made. popular in recent times, such as neutron stars or black holes, and there is an abundant popular literature on them.

The book includes some explanatory graphics to facilitate understanding of certain topics, but most are accessible to any type of reader, even those who are beginning to be interested in the world of astronomy.

Lectio Editions. 2021. CIENX100 Collection, number 35. Soft cover, 206 pages. ISBN: 978-84-1691895-9

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