100% Marvel HC comic review. Poison: Planet of Symbiotes

planetdesymbionts # 1_cover

Original edition: The Amazing Spider-Man Super Special 1, Spider-Man Super Special 1, Venom Super Special 1, The Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special 1 and Web of Spider-Man Super Special 1
Departure date: April 2021
Script: David Michelinie, Dan Slott
He drew: Dave Hoover, Joe St. Pierre, Kyle Hotz, Steve Lightle, Mark Bagley
Format:Hard cover. 144 pages in color.
Price: € 18.00

It is known by Marvel fans that symbiotes have been very present in the history of the house of ideas and more specifically in the world of Spiderman. Taking advantage the arrival of the El Rey de Negro macro-event, Panini takes us to a story that will be 25 years old in the month of May (since its first edition was in May 1996) distilling a 90s aroma on all four sides. This point is important when opening this volume, since the plot and the drawing are pure comics from that decade. It is necessary to read it from that perspective because it can grind younger readers or those who have not read anything from that time.

The story it is self conclusive, contextualized in the times of the clone saga, where we see Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider, who had his own collection and regularly went through the adventures of the original wall-crawler: Peter Parker.

planetdesymbionts # 1_4planetdesymbionts # 1_4The story takes uswithout going into Spoilers, a quick synopsis) to see the two parts that make up Poison (Eddie Brock and the symbiote) go through their moments of greatest indecision, as Eddie thinks that the symbiote takes control when they are Venom. Spiderman realizes this moment of weakness and forces a separation between host and symbiote, so that the latter produces a scream that travels the entire universe for a spaceship to land on the outskirts of New York, full of symbiotes and wake up a villain who was mired in a coma: Slaughter.

planetdesymbionts # 1_2planetdesymbionts # 1_2On general lines, is a simple story, without many pretensions, whose objective is to make the reader have a good time with the two wall-climbing characters of the moment: Spidey and the Scarlet Spider together with their two villains more lethal: Poison and Carnage and hordes of symbiotes ravaging New York. It goes without saying that during this decade, Marvel did not go through its best moments in reference to the quality of the stories, but this volume could perfectly be used for a blockbuster, since the action moments predominate throughout the story.

In references to rhythm, Dan Slott and David Michelinie join forces to develop a story where action predominates over any other concept. Many fights, many races, all with the aim of liberating New York from the dominance of the symbiotes, although it is true that the final solution could be described as being “Caught with tweezers” it falls into the obvious and predictable.

In section characters, we begin by delving into Eddie brock, which does not pass its best moment to end up focusing on Peter Parker and Ben Reilly, a formula that is always effective, although on this occasion, they should have continued to focus on the characters with symbiotes, as they have a greater connection with aliens.

planetdesymbionts # 1_5planetdesymbionts # 1_5At the controls of the pencils We have a cast of cartoonists such as Dave Hoover, Joe St. Pierre, Kyle Hotz, Steve Lightle and last but not least: Mark Bagley, great connoisseur of the wall-crawler. Using so many artists in the same story arc can be negative for the reader, since it can get him out of the story, by not making the drawing uniformly. Moreover, there is a character, especially Mary Jane, who depends on each cartoonist appears with a different hairstyle and style, to highlight some consequence. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to see what touch each author gives to our favorite characters and see the many references to alien or even actors, like Arnold schwarzenneger, as some soldiers share their face and body shape.

This edition comes with numerous additions: sketches, interviews, but the most notable is the final episode that pays tribute to Captain Dewolf, an episode independent of the arc, since it has no connection whatsoever and we see a Bagley in full state of grace, as note very comfortable drawing Spiderman.

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As a veteran reader of Spiderman, this I take it off the “Poison mania” that was breathed in the mid-nineties, as he was a villain that the fan enjoyed for being similar to the wall-crawler. However, the passage of time does not do justice, and if you read today with the quality of the stories that Marvel has used to us today, it is a very simple story, where the slimy symbiote and the ruthless murderer of Matanza are used minimizing to zero the gore they usually produce. For veterans we will remember youthful times. For newbies, a walk through the past of the wall-crawler.

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