100% environmentally friendly dog ​​food

Like homemade … by vets
In the composition of NeoNatural Vegan Daily, the contribution of DHA – a type of omega 3 fatty acid essential for brain development -, which is obtained from algae, is very interesting.
As for proteins, lentils, like legumes in general, provide them with great biological quality; However, the amino acid profile of legume protein is incomplete, since
They do not contain methionine, (an essential amino acid), which is present in large quantities in cereals, such as rice. Thus, the combination of these two ingredients provides a complete protein profile of great biological value, comparable in its benefits to foods of animal origin … and without its risks.
NeoNatural Vegan Daily also contains brewer’s yeast, which provides ribonucleic acids and nucleotides, necessary for the immune system of domestic animals and for the development of their intestinal flora. In addition, vitamin D2 is incorporated, essential for the absorption of calcium and the correct development of the skeletal system of the animal.
Finally, buckwheat flour contains gluten and provides carbohydrates from
slow absorption, which makes it have a low glycemic index, as well as essential fatty acids Omega-6 and 8, and vitamins of group B. All preservatives are natural, such as rosemary.

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