100% digital and with a discount for clients

In April of last year, Orange signed a strategic alliance with Zurich Seguros which led to the birth of the Orange Seguros by Zurich brand. They promised that their first products would arrive after the summer for both the residential and B2B segments, and so it was: in September, they announced the commercial insurance.

Now, Orange Seguros has launched a life insurance for residential customers with 100% digital contracting. All of this, according to Fallacher, CEO of Orange Spain, is part of the company’s current objective, which is to focus on its telecommunications, banking and insurance businesses (energy, for now, is not part of their plans). Let’s see what this new operator proposal consists of.

For families and for mortgages

The launch of this new life insurance for residential clients complements, as we said, the insurance
of shops announced last September. In both cases, it is 100% digital proposals They aim to offer an immediate (in 10 minutes, they claim) and simple (via mobile or computer) recruitment.

Right now, Orange proposes its individual life insurance in two modalities for an amount that you can calculate through the simulator:

Life insurance for families: If you die, your family (or whoever you want) will collect the insured capital.

Life insurance for mortgages and loans: If you die or an illness prevents you from working, Orange guarantees the payment of that debt.

The two options allow you to choose different levels of protection, which you can expand when you need it from the Orange Seguros by Zurich mobile application. With this app, available for iOS and Android, you can consult and manage your policies, see the list of contracted insurance and their status, access documentation and receipts, etc.

As a launch promotion, the operator offers a 25% discount the first year for being Orange customers. To access this offer, valid until March 31, you must have contracted an Orange mobile line and be up to date with payments. The discount is applied to the total insurance premium after taxes and surcharges during the first year of the policy.

Orange life insurance also provides free access to Meeting Doctors, a chat and / or video call with specialists from which you can make all the medical consultations you have (including those related to COVID-19) through your mobile, without prior appointments, at any time of the day and throughout the week .

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