100 days to fall in love: Geraldine Bazán surprises everyone

100 days to fall in love: Geraldine Bazán surprises everyone (Reformation)

100 days to fall in love: Geraldine Bazán surprises everyone | Reform

This second season of “100 days to fall in love“He introduced us to Elisa Polanco, a successful lawyer who got to complicate the marriage of Plutarco and Connie, which was played by the beautiful actress Geraldine Bazán.

That’s right, finally Geraldine Bazán has forgotten her controversial separation from Gabriel Soto and today she is enjoying one of the best moments in her artistic career.

And is that the actress is one of the most prominent characters of the second season of “100 days to fall in love” the series that enjoys great popularity on the platform of Netflix.

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The second season of “100 days to fall in love” introduces us to Elisa Polanco, a successful lawyer who comes to the law firm of Plutarco and Connie who is going through a 100-day separation where both can do whatever they want and after That time they will decide whether to resume their relationship or put an end to it.

Her presence in the story undoubtedly complicated the lives of Plutarco and Connie, since despite the fact that they seek to save their marriage, the character of Geraldine Bazán is a great temptation for the protagonist and, although Elisa tries to keep herself under control, she always ends seducing him.

This is how those seduction games between Elisa and Plutarco finally fulfill their objective and the lawyer manages to separate the marriage that was already in crisis, although it is not something definitive.

Of course, she makes her new boyfriend leave all his past and go live together to start a new story, which finally happens, despite Connie’s efforts to keep her husband’s love.

Based on these characteristics, much has been said about whether the beautiful actress has been inspired by what he had to live in real life to create the character.

In fact, some Mexican media suggest that the character of Geraldine Bazán has a lot of Irina Baeva, her ex-husband’s current partner.

And although the actress has not mentioned anything about it, so as not to create a new scandal, Elisa Polanco’s life is quite close to what she had to live in the romantic trio between her, Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva.

Well, as you may recall, Elisa Polanco destroys a marriage that, although it has its problems, achieves its goal, just as it happened in the actress’s real life.

Since it is enough to recapitulate and remember that Bazán and Soto were not at their best when the model appeared and totally destroyed their marriage.

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However, there is a moment in the series that does have a lot of similarity in what Geraldine Bazán actually lived.

The scene where Elisa takes a picture and uploads it to her social networks showing off her new conquest, the snapshot is seen by Connie and this is how she manages to destabilize her emotionally.

And this is something that, according to the actress herself in a YouTube video, really did happen in real life.

It is worth mentioning that so far neither Telemundo nor Netflix have made any official announcement about the future of the series, but apparently in the last chapter, it is most likely that it will not get more chapters, because practically it had an ending without speculation of what will happen despees.

As you may recall, at the end of the second season of “100 days to fall in love”, the deadline that Plutarco and Constanza agreed to wait to define their relationship and decide to stop the divorce proceedings.

And meanwhile, the stories of the rest of the couples in the series also have a closure and to close with a flourish, the word end appears.