May 23, 2010. For the Spanish, it is already the 24th of the morning. After almost 7 years on the air, 6 seasons and 118 episodes, it was over ‘Lost‘(Lost). The audiovisual event of the moment. They were times in which it was still common to consume series week by week, and we did not have the wide range of platforms that we enjoy today.

Accessing the episodes legally meant praying to your cable or open television provider that they would effectively broadcast Lost and, if possible, as soon as possible after their broadcast in the USA. In Spain we were not one of the most unfortunate. The privileged ones who had FOX access They could see the episode relatively quickly, at least for the last few seasons, when Lost had already established itself as a global phenomenon, everyone talked about it at school and at work and, of course, you had to be there. the last one to avoid spoilers. In open, the approach was somewhat different.

Lost in Four: in March 2009, Cuatro confirms, during the broadcast of Fame, which has been done with the rights of Perdidos, which until then was being broadcast on La 2. On Sunday April 26, 2009, the broadcast of Lost in Four begins with the intention of catching up for the final season, which would be broadcast open just a day after the broadcast in the United States. Problem: the sixth and last season would start in early February 2010 and, to catch up, the network must broadcast the one hundred episodes that make up the first five seasons in less than a year. Those of you who lived through it will remember the chaos. Those who do not, you can imagine. Constantly changing times, impossible marathons (the series began on a Sunday at three-thirty in the afternoon with a broadcast of the first 6 episodes in a row, about 250 minutes, just over four hours).

In spite of everything, Cuatro keeps its promise: the sixth season airs just a few days behind the United States and, as the end draws near, both Cuatro and Fox viewers, as well as those who opted By downloading the episodes you are prepared for the event. But Cuatro and Fox still have an ace up their sleeve:

The simultaneous emission of the end: the surprise jumps. Four announces that the final episode will be broadcast simultaneously in the United States. And it will be subtitled. Four would dedicate the entire morning of May 24 to Lost: a special summary and the broadcast of the last episodes of the season, for those who were not up to date. Around six in the morning the final double episode would begin, with only half an hour behind the USA, subtitled and without advertising! In addition, since in the USA the episode was broadcast with advertising, in Spain we would reach the final scene at the same time as them, despite the delay at the beginning of the broadcast. A serial dream. What could go wrong? Well, several things …

A promising start. Good subtitles during the “previously on”, clear and synchronized. However, shortly thereafter, the subtitles began to be delayed, delayed, shortened, and directly omitted in many parts of the episode. At older, about six minutes of episode simply disappeared. Luckily, we didn’t miss any key points. Although we can only imagine how we would react in the was Twitter If this happened right now, in 2010 the protests on the networks were immediate. And it is understandable. Lost is a series where every detail counts and you have to do with the five senses and paying attention. The mysteries with which we had lived together for years were going to receive an answer (we thought) in the final episode. Any disruption was going to make us bitter the night and, although in general we were able to enjoy the episode (those of us who more or less spoke English played with an advantage), the general feeling the following morning was bittersweet.

The episode was strange at best. Even with a full view and with subtitles, I could difficult to understand what had just happened. This article is not intended to analyze in depth the end, because it has been done before and better, but we do want to remember the basics: the protagonists protect the Island from a villain who takes the form of John Locke and the supposed alternative reality that we carried watching throughout the sixth season turns out to be a kind of purgatory where the characters would meet after dying, to take together the next step to the beyond. These “flash-sideways” occur after everything suffered by the characters on the Island, which was definitely real. And Four did his thing again.

A series like Lost and an event of such magnitude deserved a few minutes of debate after the episode aired. And it was not the lost minutes or the out-of-sync subtitles that Cuatro’s greatest failure in the series broadcast, but this debate, in which things such as “the plane crashed and Jack had a kind of great reverie” were heard, which is coming to be exactly the opposite of what the series wanted to tell us. It didn’t take long for Facebook groups appear and other social networks mocking the “experts”. But the damage was done and for a time (and even today) we heard friends and acquaintances repeat the “Lost, they were dead all the time”, almost like the end of The Serrano.

In any case, and without entering further value judgments about the broadcast or the content of the episode itself, we must recognize, on the one hand, the merit and value of Cuatro, who made history with the simultaneous broadcast; on the other, the cultural relevance of Perdidos, the great mainstream phenomenon that forever changed our way of consuming and understanding television. Since its broadcast, only another great television phenomenon has managed to eclipse it: Game of Thrones, and that is something that most of us prefer to forget.

And, you, where were you 10 years ago? Are you one of those who got up to watch the episode? On Cuatro or on Fox? Did you discuss it with your high school, university or work colleagues?

How did you experience the end of Lost?