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Dionne Bromfield was the last person to share the stage with Amy Winehouse, her godmother, whom she remembers a decade after her death through the documentary Amy Winehouse & Me: Dionne’s story.

As Bromfield herself explained in a round table with international media, the objective of this documentary is to show the world a new facet of the singer as a “loving, kind and sweet” person, when a decade of her prematurity is about to be fulfilled. death.

Just three days before the fateful July 23, 2011, Winehouse took the stage for the last time at The Roundhouse, in the London borough of Camden, to accompany Bromfield, whom she considered her “protégé” and whom she supported both personally and professionally.

On those boards, a 15-year-old Bromfield says that she confessed to Winehouse how grateful she was to her for all the help she had given her. Those were the last words he said to her.

That girl is now a decade more mature, but she assured that the figure of Winehouse is more present, if possible, in her life. Since his loss, Bromfield has dealt with his emotions in silence until the making of this documentary, which he called a “therapeutic journey.”

“Everyone sees Amy as Amy Winehouse, but I’ve never seen her like this. When I think of Amy, I do it without her ‘beehive’ hair, without her line of eyes and hanging around at home, being her ”, Bromfield comments at the beginning of the film, avoiding delving into the shadows of the singer’s life.

Since he met her at the age of 6, Winehouse became a “second mother” to Bromfield and that is why she keeps all her memories with the artist in a small box.

That object is key in the course of this documentary produced by Viacom, as it helps you to “unlock” the memories of your past together; together with walks through places that Amy used to frequent or conversations with people close to her past.

Among them, the director of the music school that both Winehouse and Bromfield attended, Sylvia Young, who describes the late star as someone “brilliantly intelligent” and who pointed out ways not only as a singer, but also as a “novelist or journalist. ”.

Among her favorite moments with her godmother, Bromfield looks back on the dumplings she used to cook with Winehouse, as well as a “special evening” where the two were able to chat while strolling through central London, without being recognized or interrupted by anyone.

Bromfield recounted how her godmother influenced her enormously, both on a personal level -because she learned to be honest and she was the one to whom she turned when she needed “girlish” advice -; as in the musical field, since he taught him songs “of the old school” and encouraged him to take guitar lessons and write.

Winehouse is etched in Bromfield’s mind, but also on his skin, through a small turtle dove tattooed on his wrist. Her godmother’s favorite songs are “Tears dry on their own”, “Mr. Magic ”and“ Half time ”.

The documentary Amy Winehouse & Me: Dionne’s story has a duration of 45 minutes. It will arrive from the hand of MTV on August 29, a month after its world premiere in almost 180 countries starting this Friday, the day that will mark the tenth anniversary of the death of the interpreter of “Back to Black” .

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