10 worst things that happened to Joseph Joestar

All heroes have trials and tribulations that define who they are. This is especially evident in the universe of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, where the palpable suffering of its protagonists is guaranteed. For example, Giorno Giovanna was forced to live with the weight of those he could not save, and Jonathan died for his noble actions.

However, having lasted three different acts, no one has suffered more than the protagonist of Battle Tendency, Joseph Joestar. By identifying the worst things that have happened to him, we can sympathize with the long list of tragedies that his life has become.

10 he never met his father

George Joestar II was Joseph’s biological father and a member of the United Kingdom Army. He was an opponent of the Nazi forces, being an inestimable asset for the war effort against him.

His death would not come at the hand of Hitler’s henchmen, but would be the work of Dio’s remaining undead slaves. After discovering her plot and enraged by the death of her husband, Lisa avenged his death, making her a national fugitive in the process. As a result, Joseph grew up without either parent.

9 attacked and nearly killed by Straizo in public

During Jonathan Joestar’s confrontation with Dio, many of the other Hamon users he brought with him were horrified at the power of the vampire. One of them, on the other hand, was intrigued by him. His name was Straizo, a friend of Joseph’s mother and a future successor to the stone mask.

Fearful that Joseph might one day dominate Hamon, he tried to preemptively assassinate him, attacking the young man in a public square. After his tactic was unsuccessful, he warned him of Speedwagon’s fate with his dying breath, attempting to redeem himself for his actions.

8 His mother was about to be killed in front of him

The confrontation with the Men of the Pillar was supposed to be easy; Joseph fought against Wamuu and Lisa against Kars. The winner of both matches would receive the Red Stone, for better or for worse.

While Joestar’s skirmish was successful, his mother’s was not so lucky. Kars used one of his henchmen to serve as a distraction as he ambushed the woman from behind a stone pillar, striking her from behind with his sharp elbow blades. This nearly killed her and forced José to finish off the Pillar Man alone.

7 Kars cut off his hand

Despite Joseph’s efforts, he was unable to prevent Kars from unlocking the power of the Red Stone. Worse still, Stroheim’s inadvertent « help » reversed the power of the UV rays, turning what should have been a brutal attack into a huge advantage for the villain.

This made Kars nearly unbeatable as he continued his fight with Joestar. Although the hero managed to launch him into space, it was not before his adversary cut off his hand. Fortunately, Stroheim was able to create a robotic substitute using his superior German science.

6 Esidisi killed his mentor

During their training to become Hamon teachers, César and José received different instructors. Each of them was as brutal as Lisa herself, piercing her students to exhaustion and even generating resentment towards them.

Esidisi ambushed Joseph during his training, having viciously dispatched his mentor off-screen. Once the fight started and when the Pillar Man’s chances seemed bleak, he used his victim’s corpse to revitalize himself, an unholy tactic that demoralized his opponent.

5 The death of Caesar Zeppeli

Although the relationship between Joseph and Caesar may have gotten off to a rocky start, they found each other as close friends as their trials continued. Baron Zeppeli’s descendant even tried to help him during his fights against the oil tower.

Unfortunately, he lacked the patience of the other Hamon users and sought to confront Wamuu within his own stronghold. Despite being very close to victory and having come close to taking down the master of the wind, the honorable villain found a breach in his defenses, defeating him and crushing his body. Caesar’s death would not be in vain; he bequeathed José the antidote of Wamuu and infused him with the rest of his energy.

4 Dio put his daughter in a coma

Holly Joestar was Joseph’s daughter and a woman whose bubbly character was not suited to the hectic world of Stands. When Dio emerged and the abilities of Jonathan’s descendants were unlocked, she was unprepared to subdue them and succumbed to her own power as a result.

This forced Joseph to travel the world to find and kill the vampire once and for all. If she doesn’t defeat him within the allotted 50 days, Holly will be lost forever.

3 Kakyoin’s death

During the final battle against Dio Brando, Joseph and Kakyoin worked closely together to defeat him. Relying on the ability of his Green Hierophant, Noriaki organized a series of cobwebs with which to unleash his « Emerald Splash. »

In addition to being ineffective, his proximity to the antagonist would be his downfall. Joseph was forced to watch as Brando pierced Kakyoin’s chest with his fist, sending him flying through Cairo and killing him with one blow. As much as he thought he had grown since Caesar’s death, he was still unable to save his friend.

2 Being temporarily killed by Dio

Dio used the power of the World to subvert Joseph’s Hamon shield, using knives to penetrate what his fists could not. This instantly knocked him down and left him vulnerable to Brando as his blood was quickly drawn from his body.

The vampire drank so greedily from his victim that he clinically killed her. Only a stuffed husk remained, though Jotaro was miraculously able to bring him back to life through a blood transfusion with the fallen villain.

1 Accidental Paternity of Josuke Higashikata

Perhaps Joseph Joestar’s worst mistake was cheating on his wife, Suzie Q. His actions in Morioh resulted in Josuke Higashikata, a son he would abandon and deny existence for many years.

Near the end of his life, he tried to make amends with him for what he had done. Although Josuke would eventually become fond of the old man, he never explicitly forgave him. During their last interaction, he even used the Shining Diamond to steal her wallet, proving that animosity still existed between the two characters.