10 ways the Sith are actually better than the Jedi

People love villains and Star Wars has some really good ones. The franchise has featured some of the most dangerous and compelling villains in fiction, the best of which are the Sith – users of the dark side of the Force whose goal is to destroy the Jedi and end the Republic. The best villains in Star Wars have all been Sith, both in canon and in legends, and fans have loved them for years.

Although the Jedi get all the hype as the good guys, the Sith have some definite advantages over them in many ways. Some might even consider the Sith Order superior to their light-sided brethren.

10 They are not tied down and have fewer restrictions

The Jedi are the servants of the Republic, acting as everything from judges to ambassadors to police officers and soldiers. This limits them enormously and makes them depend on another power, taking away their autonomy. The Sith, however, have always been defined by a savage disregard for authority, even that of other Sith, and they have true freedom.

The galaxy is a vast place, and while any individual Jedi can see a lot of it, most of the time they just go where they are told and carry out their mission. They rarely do anything else while there. The Sith, not having such a strict mandate, can experience more in their travels and lives.

9 they have a colder aesthetic than the Jedi

This is a bit superficial, but the Sith just have a cooler aesthetic than the Jedi. Their red lightsabers are much more intimidating than the blue and green of the Jedi; red is a more suitable color for a weapon such as a lightsaber. The robes of the Jedi are nondescript and uniform, all beige and brown, and are not as attractive as the black robes and robes of the Sith.

The Sith just look better. The Jedi look like well-groomed hermits, while the Sith look like impressive avatars of darkness; as if their clothes were made of living shadows. It’s no coincidence that all of the most attractive characters in Star Wars are Sith.

8 The Sith are equal opportunity employers

The Jedi are known to be quite secretive, and that makes sense – they have the backing of the largest government in the galaxy and have thousands of members. They have the resources to be self-sufficient, but this hurt them in the long run, as their air of mysticism and secrecy made it easy for the Sith to consider them out-of-the-box warrior monks who wanted to overthrow democracy.

The Sith, on the other hand, build coalitions and employ whoever they can in their quest to defeat their former enemies. Although the people who work for the Sith often don’t know who they work for, that doesn’t change the fact that the Sith are far better at involving everyone and creating something more inclusive than Jedi monastics.

7 the Sith learn from their mistakes

The Sith have evolved greatly in their wars against the Jedi, from being a power trying to conquer the galaxy by force to one that operated from the shadows, creating a vast network with specific goals in mind: to overthrow the Jedi and seize the Republic. They learned from their mistakes over the years, something the Jedi seem completely incapable of.

The place of the Jedi in the Republic is quite impregnable and this sense of security has meant that they never have to take a good look at what they do and change it. The Sith have had to do this many times over the years and it has led to their victory over a Jedi Order that kept trying to fight them the way they always have.

6 the tenacity of the dark side is much more intriguing

The Sith are the classic underdog; the Jedi Order has all the power: a huge temple, government money, and fame. The Jedi are known as guardians of good throughout the galaxy. The Sith have none of that, especially during the Rule of Two years: they only have the resources they have or can get, little infrastructure, and those who have heard of them see them as the quintessential baddies.

Yet they never quit or give up, they never get into a moral dilemma about what they’re doing, and they don’t let their casualties and losses stop them. The Sith never stop; They never sit on their laurels and debate what their next move should be, they just move on.

5 His strength powers are superior

The Force is a formidable ally for all who use it, granting them powers that allow them to perform all kinds of amazing feats. Although Jedi do some amazing things with the Force, they are also very self-limited and their powers are just okay. They are limited by what their morale allows them to do.

The Sith have no such limits and have used the Force in truly phenomenal ways. The Force beam is a great long-range weapon that can incapacitate or kill opponents, protecting the user and whoever is with him. Force choke is the logical extension of telekinesis and is another power that can stop fights before they occur. Additionally, the Sith’s mental powers are much stronger, allowing them to dominate the minds of their enemies.

4 The Sith see the potential and allow it to flourish

The Jedi Order’s biggest mistake in the years leading up to its disappearance was its treatment of Anakin Skywalker. Instead of focusing all their attention on him, they endorsed him on a newly minted Jedi Knight and constantly devalued him and his accomplishments. This made it easy for Palpatine to pounce on him and plant the seed of the dark side in his mind.

The Sith are dedicated to seeing the potential and letting it grow into something they can use. The Sith can only depend on themselves, so they must seek out the best and allow that talent to flourish, gaining powerful new adherents who can challenge the monolithic Jedi Order.

3 they are more focused than the Jedi

One of the problems with an organization as large as the Jedi is that all these disparate voices lead the Order in many different directions. Some Jedi were vehemently opposed to slavery, others believed that crime syndicates were the greatest threat, and still others believed that hunting the dark ones was the best use of the Order’s time and resources.

This lack of focus, combined with the size of the Order and the unintended leadership of the Jedi Council in most situations, turned the Order into a gigantic, unfocused mess, dragged in multiple directions. The Sith, on the other hand, were completely focused on their goals of obtaining the power necessary to defeat their enemies.

2 They are not hypocrites (as Jedi can sometimes be)

Jedi talked a lot, but when it came down to it they were hypocrites. A Jedi talked about how bad slavery was, but the Order allowed it to flourish throughout the galaxy, even going so far as to take command of what amounts to an army of slaves. They preached peace and nonviolence, but they left a trail of severed limbs and dead enemies wherever they went.

The Sith didn’t have those problems. They did not pretend to be fair and they did not hide behind high ideals. They were going to do whatever it took to survive and prosper. Sure they were the bad guys, but they were on purpose. Jedi were often the bad guys, but they were fair.

1 In the end they win

The Jedi were very successful in their millennia of existence, but they were never ultimately victorious: they never eradicated evil or the dark side of the galaxy, and the Republic and the Order itself grew weaker and corrupted over the centuries. The Sith were able to take advantage of this and defeat them, gaining victory.

While the Empire created by the Sith would be defeated, Palpatine would survive and continue to threaten the galaxy, engineering the second destruction of the remaining Jedi and using the First Order to enact his will. In the end, the Sith always win.