10 ways Ryan Reynolds is just like Deadpool in the comics

There are some actors who seem destined to play certain characters, and Ryan Reynolds certainly is with his portrayal of Marvel’s Deadpool. His performance was instantly acclaimed as Deadpool became the highest grossing film in the X-Men film series.

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What’s interesting is that Reynolds was singled out as a potential candidate to take on the role of Deadpool long before the movies became a possibility. This is due to the many similarities between him and the character from the comics. In fact, there are a few ways Ryan Reynolds is basically Deadpool in real life, and what they are worth checking out.

10 His comedy consists of extracting phrases

Although there are still a few comedians who should be joining Marvel movies, Ryan Reynolds has been around for quite some time. His way of doing comedy has consisted of lengthening sentences in a mix of puns and bizarre statements that end up being a masterclass in crisp humor.

Deadpool goes along the same lines, as he goes off on a tangent while others watch him rant about the craziest things. In the Deadpool movies, Reynolds combined his comedic skills with Deadpool’s attitude, which was a natural fit.

9 Deadpool thinks he looks like Ryan Reynolds

An interesting fact about Deadpool is that he thought he looked like Ryan Reynolds long before the latter took on the role. In the Cable & Deadpool # 2 comic, Deadpool ranted and claimed he looked like Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds looks the same as Deadpool in his burned-out appearance in the movie, so it’s clear that Deadpool was correct when he made that claim, as the two have a number of similarities.

8 Has the tenacity of spirit to stand firm

Deadpool has always had a never-die attitude, both for his regenerative powers and for his overall personality. In fact, Ryan Reynolds spent a decade trying to make Deadpool, displaying the same level of determination as the character.

What’s more, Reynolds went on to portray Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine despite his objection to Deadpool’s directing before returning to the role in 2016 and bringing him to justice. Deadpool has been called upon by many things, but he has also stood his ground like Ryan Reynolds did.

7 Bromance with Hugh Jackman / Wolverine

There has been a constant debate about the power advantage between Wolverine and Deadpool, with their clashing personalities also serving as comic relief and a baddie fighting duo. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have had a similar bromance.

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The actors have had a « dispute » for years, in which humorous photos are taken at each other’s expense. Deadpool also made references to the Wolverine and Deadpool dynamic, as well as Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, with Deadpool poking fun at Wolverine in the film and using a Hugh Jackman cutout.

6 They are both known for joking around in tense situations

The Deadpool of the comics has found itself in its fair share of embarrassing situations and intense confrontations, all of them turned into comic material due to its habit of joking. The only other character who comes close to Deadpool’s sneer is Hawkeye, though Ryan Reynolds’ talent for breaking tension is second to none.

The actor has made tense moments light, like joking about Wesley Snipes’ diva behavior on the set of Blade: Trinity or kissing Andrew Garfield after losing the Golden Globe award.

5 They are the same height and are from the same country

Interestingly, Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are the same height, although this was never supposed to be intentional. Indeed, both the actor and the character are 1.88 meters or 6 feet 2 inches tall. What’s more, even their origin from the countries is the same.

Deadpool was born in Canada, although he became the least Canadian person ever to be known. For his part, Ryan Reynolds is also Canadian, having been born in Vancouver, British Columbia. In case the comic book character and actor are side by side, there will be little separating the one from the other.

4 romances with the black widow

Deadpool has had relationships with various characters, the most notable being Black Widow due to real life events. Before either actor took on their roles in Marvel, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were married, something the comics somewhat align with.

Deadpool met Yelena Belova in issues Deadpool Vol. 2 # 8-9 and Thunderbolts # 129-131, where the two even fell in love briefly before breaking up. It was later discovered that Yelena was actually Natasha Romanoff in disguise, meaning that both the actors and characters have had romances.

3 Friendships with people of different generations

Although Deadpool is interpreted to be a solo X-Men hero, he has actually had several collaborations. A good number of them have been with characters much younger (like Spider-Man) or older than him (like Wolverine), since he has maintained friendships with people of different generations.

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Ryan Reynolds is known to be friends with his co-stars long after their work together, even if the age difference is great. This has included a humorous « feud » with Betty White in which he has joked about how bad she was to him, a friendship that separates the two by fifty years of age.

2 He regularly makes fun of other celebrities like Deadpool does other superheroes

Deadpool has not neglected anyone in his habit of verbally abusing other superheroes, even being DC Comics characters the object of ridicule. Ryan Reynolds has not been left behind, having appeared in films that people do not expect of him and has made fun of the actors who star in them.

Reynolds has also joked with almost anyone he has been associated with, such as poking fun at Michael Bay’s habit of blowing things up, The Rock tattoos, or David Beckham’s voice. If the Deadpool from the comics knew this, he sure would be proud.

1 He taunts himself like Deadpool does

Deadpool not only shoots other people, but he also has a self-deprecating sense of humor in which he pokes fun at himself. This mainly has to do with his own appearance, as he had been compared to Ryan Reynolds as a way of calling himself difficult to look at.

Reynolds has endeavored to roast himself, whether in promotional interviews or in his film roles. The actor even pretended to have a twin who made fun of him as part of Aviation Gin’s marketing, as well as joking about how his wife deserves better than him.