10 ways Jiren could have won the Tournament of Power

Even the most die-hard Dragon Ball fans have to admit that Universe 7 had a bit of luck in the Tournament of Power. Jiren, from Universe 11, was without a doubt the favorite to win the Tournament of Power. From the beginning of the tournament it was clear that Jiren would defeat Goku in the end. Even so, Earth’s saiyan warrior made an incredible display of power and defeated Jiren with the help of his allies.

If it weren’t for the combined strength of Universe 7, Goku and the rest of the Z fighters would surely have fallen to Jiren. Even the most die-hard fans have to admit that Universe 7 was lucky to defeat Jiren and the rest of the Pride Troops. On several occasions, Jiren and his team could have achieved victory.

10 early attack while Universe 7 was unprepared

Even with Gohan at the helm, Universe 7 struggled to always maintain a solid strategy. The plan was to stay together, and fight as a team. Thanks to Goku’s antics, Universe 7 had a bullseye on its back, which meant that teamwork was the only logical way to tackle the tournament.

Even so, Goku launched himself into battle in his basic form without the slightest hesitation. If a sufficient number of the powerful enemies who conserved their energy to the end had joined the assault on Universe 7 when the tournament began, Goku would surely have been overwhelmed, guaranteeing Jiren’s victory.

9 The Pride Troops Team

Universe 11 arrived at the Tournament of Power with an extremely powerful team. Pride Troopers can present themselves as a reincarnated Ginyu Force, but their power levels make Recoome and Ginyu appear weak.

If Jiren had managed to ally himself with literally any other member of the Pride Troops, he could have defeated Goku and Universe 7. At different times in the tournament, the Pride Troops threatened several powerful fighters from Universe 7. If Jiren had helped them , he could have easily won the tournament.

8 Wave of Evil Containment

The Wave of Evil Containment is a technique that Master Roshi uses throughout the Tournament of Power. Although it is never clarified that Jiren is capable of using the technique, it is an ability that allows a weaker enemy to trap another that surpasses him in strength.

If Jiren or any other participant in the Tournament of Power had managed to eliminate Goku with the Containment Wave of Evil, Jiren and Universe 11 would have easily walked away as victors.

7 Use Ribrianne as an ally

Ribrianne is a powerful warrior from Universe 2 who empowers her strength with the power of love. It may seem like a joke, but this contestant managed to push Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 to their limits at different times during the tournament.

In fact, before Goku and Jiren first fought in the Tournament of Power, Goku was struggling to eliminate Ribrianne. Goku was lucky that Ribrianne didn’t stick around during his fight with Jiren, or he would have been quickly eliminated.

6 Partner with Toppo

Most Dragon Ball Super fans will always remember Toppo as the first character to undergo training as God of Destruction. All of the Destroyers introduced before Toppo are experienced in wielding the power of destruction, but the Soldier of Pride has recently started his training.

If Jiren had managed to coordinate a single attack with Toppo, he would surely have come out of the Tournament of Power as the last man standing.

5 Traditional Tournament Rules

Throughout three different Dragon Ball series, fans have come to expect overly dramatic tournament arcs. It’s so common in the series that creators have been forced to get creative with the way the different martial arts tournaments are plotted.

If the Tournament of Power was divided into groups like the original Dragon Ball martial arts tournaments, Jiren would have had no problem fighting his way to the top. Also, without the battle royale format, Goku wouldn’t have been able to warm up against the mighty Pride Trooper. If so, Jiren would have easily defeated Goku.

4 Partner with Dyspo

Dyspo is the speedster the Dragon Ball series has always needed. The purple haired pride soldier from universe 11 was capable of moving faster than almost all of the Goku team members.

Considering how fast Goku can travel with his Instant Transmission, Dyspo’s speed isn’t negligible. If Jiren and Dyspo had mounted some kind of joint attack against Universe 7, the tournament could have ended very differently.

3 Elimination of Goku after Ultra Instinct

On four different occasions, Goku harnessed the power of the Ultra Instinct and confronted Jiren. Every time Goku turned to the power of the gods, he pushed Jiren to his limits, but failed to knock him out of the ring.

If Jiren had been wise enough to make sure Goku fell out of the ring after being exhausted by Ultra Instinct, he could have easily defeated the rest of the Universe 7 contenders with the time remaining.

2 A merger of Potara with Toppo or Dyspo

When two powerful Saiyan warriors from Universe 6 fuse with the Potara earrings, the tournament rules are altered to allow fusion. Even if he ruined Jiren’s solo performance, he could have guaranteed victory to the surpassed pride soldier and whoever was lucky enough to merge with him.

Fans can imagine the combined power of Jiren and Toppo, but how about a merger between Jiren and Dyspo? Perhaps even Toppo and Dyspo could have fused together to serve as the suitably powerful minions that Jiren needed to succeed.

1 Priority to Android 17 or Frieza

Considering Jiren’s incredible power, it doesn’t make sense that he didn’t decide to go on the offensive before the final seconds of the tournament. If the mighty Pride Trooper had managed to take down Android 17 or Frieza before using his full power against Goku, he would surely have triumphed in the end.

Although Goku ate most of Jiren’s time during the tournament, it was Frieza and Android 17 who guaranteed his defeat. If Jiren had been on the offensive, he could have eliminated each and every threat independently before they had a chance to ally with him.