10 Ways Arkham Games Are Nothing Like The Comics

Batman has been a central figure in many stories. Where it has really shone in recent years is in the Arkham game series. Having the opportunity to play as the Dark Knight made him sleepless nights as fans tackled each mission for hours. The expansion of the game worlds improved each story as subsequent editions unfolded.

With each medium, the Batman tales have shared several underlying elements. These are things that are central to the character, and without them, it doesn’t become his story. However, games have taken some liberties that stray significantly from comics.

Titan 10 serum is unique to the game

Bane’s body enhancing serum, or poison as it is appropriately called, has been known in the Batman universe for a long time. Only in the first of the games, Arkham Asylum, did someone come up with the idea to extract him from Bane to make a more extreme version of him.

The effects of Titan were extreme. They immediately caused the user to mutate to a much larger size, and this greatly increased their strength. After the Joker uses it on himself to fight Batman, it is discovered that it also causes users to be extremely ill. This was central to the story of the game’s sequel, Arkham City.

9 Introducing Arkham City

Gotham City is already infamous for its sky-high crime rates. It is full of mobsters from various families. Dozens of villains have made their names known by fighting well-established bosses within the city. It’s a bit peculiar that a city that already sees so many infractions of the law has decided to separate a part of the city specifically for that.

This is exactly the premise of the game. For the villains involved it makes sense: if someone is trying to get rid of all the competition possible, why not rally the pack and slaughter them all at once? Of course, when this plot is revealed, Batman needs to do everything he can to stop this. In his eyes, even villains have the potential to do good, and not everyone deserves that harsh punishment.

8 Copperhead is a woman

It makes sense for DC to dig through old editions of their comics for inspiration from their characters. Copperhead is one of those characters. The original criminal was a contortionist man who wore a disguise that resembled the snake that bears his name. He started out as a thief but later graduated to murder, specifically using the contortion and tail of his disguise to squeeze his targets to death.

The female version of the game has many of the same traits, except for the tail. She still manages to use attacks that engulf and constrict Batman when they fight. Although Larissa Diaz was featured as Copperhead in the live-action series Gotham, she has yet to be seen in the official continuity.

7 Mr. Freeze is not a self-directed criminal

When the Joker falls ill from the titan serum, he begins desperately searching for a cure. He had Mr. Frío prepare a medicine to cure him, but luckily, it ended up disappearing. Batman finds him and discovers that he is actively researching a way to stabilize him so that everyone can recover.

In the comics, Freeze typically focuses on one main motive: finding a cure for his ailing, frozen wife. Before this, he had turned into a life of crime to feed his own desires. In both situations, he was a very self-directed man. You are hardly ever commissioned to do something for them, and you are not likely to take those jobs unless it serves one of those reasons.

6 Robin and Oracle are dating

Batman fans will remember that Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon were inseparable. It may have been a bit shocking to find out in Arkham Knight that Tim Drake ended up replacing Dick as Barbara’s life partner. It’s a little weird to think that Tim got engaged, but kids grow up over time, don’t they?

In the comics, there would have been a huge age difference to consider between the characters. Not to mention, she had also dated Dick Grayson in her early crime fighting years. The video game seems to revert to all this with the two characters more or less meeting in the middle with their respective times on earth.

5 Tim Drake is bald

Robin has changed in appearance quite frequently throughout the comics. It’s definitely not an expectation that looks exactly the same when compared to the comics. However, the game’s designers decided to pay special attention to her hair, or the lack of it.

Tim makes a brief appearance in Arkham City but wears a hood. It is not until the events of the Arkham Knight that fans get to see why he was hiding his head under his hood. Simply put, your head must have cooled off in the winter air. Either that or he still hadn’t seen the barber bat for his new buzz cut.

4 It’s the Arkham Knight, not Red Hood

When Jason Todd is finally introduced to the game he is as the titular character, Arkham Knight. With armor, weapons and a helmet in the shape of Batman, he presents himself almost as an evil mirror to the dark knight.

It is not until his reveal that he removes the outer shell of his helmet, revealing the red dome beneath it. He doesn’t label himself by name, but fans would recognize the transition in his character at that point.

3 The Joker is already dead

In the original Red Hood reveal, Jason Todd ends up kidnapping the Joker. It presents Batman with two options against his morals: he can go against his code and kill him as he deserves, or let him live which shows Jason that he cares more about his life than anyone else’s. The fact that the Joker is physically present is central to his origins in the comics.

The game changes this. Having succumbed to the disease caused by the Titan Serum, he ends up dying, but appears as a haunting hallucination after Batman is pumped with the scarecrow fear toxin. However, he becomes a vigilante at the end of the story.

2 Batman reveals his identity

As events would turn against him, Batman surrenders to save the captured Time Drake. While in captivity, the Scarecrow orders Commissioner Gordon to remove his hood in front of a camera that is being broadcast throughout Gotham City. Unfortunately, the plot’s armor is not thick enough to prevent his face from being seen by all.

In the comics, Batman’s identity has been discovered more than once. And only recently did he reveal his identity publicly, but voluntarily. It has not yet happened in the comics that he is held against his will and forced to spread his alter ego as Bruce Wayne.

1 Jim Gordon becomes mayor of Gotham City

Probably one of the happiest conclusions of any account of Batman history, Commissioner Gordon decides it’s time to hang up the gun and plaque and start running the city. It is probably the best decision he could make, after all the difficulties he went through as a policeman.

Gordon has yet to move into politics in the comics. It may be that you love your job too much, or it may be that you feel that you can better serve the city on the ground in this way.