10 tricks to cook gluten-free easily and safely

10 tricks to cook gluten-free easily and safely
February 23, 2021 08:03 hs

The kitchen for celiacs requires special care. Gluten-free products and dishes without TACC (Wheat, Oats, Barley and Rye): at first, it can be a little scary to prepare dinner, but with the following 10 tricks you will achieve options suitable for celiacs and extremely exquisite.

10 tips to cook gluten-free safely and richly.

10 tips for cooking gluten free

1. Use ingredients that are gluten-free in their natural state: Gluten is a protein found in some cereals, such as wheat and barley. Fortunately, most staple foods are gluten-free: dairy, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and some cereals such as rice and corn.

2. Avoid manipulated or precooked products: although it may seem that some products are gluten-free, in many cases it is used as an additive and in others it is produced cross contamination.

3. Always check the labeling: the new labeling regulations forces producers to point out allergens, but special care must be taken with some expressions allowed for products that are not suitable.

4. Cook gluten-free dishes first: a gluten-free food can be easily contaminated when cooked at the same time as a gluten-free dish.

5. Use clean oil: if you keep the oil, have a specific bottle to frying gluten-free foods.

6. Label gluten-free products correctly: to cook gluten-free, it is advisable store separately gluten-free foods; But if you don’t have space, label the food suitable for celiacs with colors, shapes or drawings.

7. Clean work surfaces and kitchen utensils well: Before you cook gluten-free, make sure you have always clean hands. Products with gluten, such as flour, have an enormous dispersion and adherence capacity even on clothes.

8. Never use wooden tables or utensils: wood is an extremely porous element and gluten particles remain on its surface. On the other hand the plastic or the metal They are 100% safe materials.

9. Removing the food with gluten does not make it a suitable dish for a celiac: the gluten will remain even if you remove the ingredient.

10. Consult the gluten-free association in your city: remember that you have associations that can help you.