10 tips to make your website more attractive

Currently there are billions of web pages, ranging from the most humble, with only static content, to electronic commerce platforms with all kinds of solutions. In any case, it is clear that not all portals are the same. We can say more, there are big differences between them. And in these differences usually lie the chances of success of both. For this reason, in this article we want to show you some important tips so that you website more attractive facing users.

Indeed, the main objective of any person who takes his first steps with an Internet page, will be to attract the attention of all who access it. That will make it easier for stakeholders to become customers. Therefore, if you want your page not to leave anyone indifferent, you should read these recommendations.

Attractive website tips 2Attractive website tips 2

10 tips for a more attractive website

Clearly communicate your proposal

Normally, Internet users who come to websites do not want to know too much with long and complicated texts. You must be concise about your products and services. The compression must be instantaneous, facilitating the possibility of acquisition or contracting immediately.

Improve loading times

Internet users are generally somewhat impatient, and will abandon any portal that takes more than three seconds to fully load. Therefore, you should do everything possible to optimize loading times and facilitate navigation within the site. It dispenses with all those elements that are vital for its use.

Simple mobile navigation

Current statistics indicate that browsing through smartphones represents, right now, 34% of the market. To that we must add 7% of the tablets. Almost half of the traffic that websites have is done through mobile devices. You should not only develop a responsive website, but also do everything in your power to make the browsing experience on mobile phones very pleasant.

Manage the waterline

The waterline is the limit from which the user must scroll to see the rest of the content available on the site. Experts explain that Internet users tend to stay just above that waterline. Therefore, important content must be above that line.

Take care of CTAs

The Call to Action or calls to action must be above that waterline, and be 100% clear.

Attractive website tips 3Attractive website tips 3

Ask for customer opinion

Customers are particularly attentive and sensitive to the opinions of other customers, so improving based on their recommendations is a great way to move forward. The impact is real and, to the extent that you get good opinions from your first customers, others will come.

Reduce the size of your forms

Websites often have forms such as contact or registration forms. It is not a bad option, as long as they are not too long or even confusing. You have to try to keep the number of fields as low as possible, even if that means asking for some additional information in the future.

Reassure at the payment stage

The payment stage is one of the most sensitive for customers, especially those who are not used to buying online. Therefore, if you want tips to make your website more attractive, collect those aimed at facilitating and making the payment process as transparent as possible, avoiding ambiguous or poorly explained information, which makes potential customers think that they may come to unpleasant surprises.

Optimize the user experience

All those imperfections that our page may have and that we leave to fix “later”, can be making a dent in the general experience that users have. Therefore, we suggest that you constantly work on offering a user experience that is as user-friendly as possible.

Test and compare

Sometimes you will have to decide between two options to renew your portal. Do not be afraid to try both alternatives, comparing what is the reception they have among the public, to stay with one or the other.

If this tutorial has been helpful to you, you probably want to also know why you should use an Instagram widget on your website. At the end of the day, all the strategies that make your page more interesting for users could get you good results with just a little effort.

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