10 times Wanda was the strongest character in the MCU

Since her introduction in the MCU, Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, has become increasingly popular with comic book fans around the world. Her redemption arc, from companion of Ultron to incredibly powerful avenger, has been great to watch, and now she finally has her moment of prominence with her new TV show WandaVision.

Fans have long known that she is capable of being an extremely strong character, and Kevin Feige even confirmed this in 2019. Although the full range of her powers has only just begun on screen, Scarlet Witch has had some very interesting throughout the years.

10 The Avengers Deepest Fears: Maximoff took control of the minds of each of the Avengers, one by one, showing all of them his greatest fears

Working for Hydra, Wanda was first seen as an antagonist of the Avengers during their expedition to South Africa in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and it was here that audiences first saw her powers. Following the trail of the Avengers, Maximoff took control of each of their minds, one by one, showing everyone their greatest fears.

Tony saw the team dead at his feet, Black Widow was reminded of his tortuous past, Thor saw all of Asgard in ruins, and Captain America was sparked by a vision of his true love, Peggy Carter. It was quite an introduction, and it definitely left fans desperate for more.

9 Controlling the Hulk: his mind control causes Banner’s transformation into the Hulk

By controlling the minds of Tony Stark and company, the characters saw their darkest fears, but when she did the same with Bruce Banner, something uncontrollable happened. Entering the green giant’s mind was always going to be dangerous, but no one could predict the damage it caused.

Mind control triggers his transformation into the Hulk, who leaves a trail of destruction behind him as he rambles through the city. Luckily, Stark had his Hulkbuster suit on hand and was able to stop the raging hero.

8 Pietro’s death – summoned all his pain into an enormous amount of energy and destroyed most of Ultron’s army

Wanda showed us how she can get into people’s minds and end up bringing out the worst in them with these memories, and one moment that definitely brought out the worst in Wanda was the death of her brother Pietro. From the death of their parents in Sokovia to their mutant experiments, the twins went through a lot together and were very close.

After helping the Avengers defeat Ultron and his robot army, Pietro stepped forward in true superhero style and saved Hawkeye. However, as a result, Wanda actually lost control of her powers and summoned all of her pain into an enormous amount of energy and destroyed most of Ultron’s army.

7 rip out Ultron’s heart: it was the kind of revenge that Wanda definitely deserved after everything she had been through

Wanda’s grief and despair after Pietro’s death were heartbreaking (who remembers that silent scream?) And fans were able to see how anger built up, which luckily she was able to unleash on Ultron in the final moments of the film. After finding him damaged on a train, Wanda gave him the final kick.

Ripping out her bionic heart and crushing it can be extremely satisfying to watch, and it was the kind of revenge that Wanda definitely deserved after everything that had happened to her during those two-odd hours.

6 The Lagos Incident – Show Fans That Wanda Doesn’t Even Fully Understand How Powerful She Really Is

When fans reunited with Wanda after the second Avengers movie, she was working with Black Widow, Captain America, and Falcon doing undercover work. The trio, along with Wanda, track down Crossbones, who tries to steal a bioweapon.

After some impressive action scenes, Captain America comes face to face with the enemy and, in an attempt to save him and everyone around them, Wanda inadvertently sets off an explosion in a Lagos building, killing many civilians. . The scene kicks off the main plot of Captain America: Civil War and the Sokovia Accords, and shows fans that Wanda doesn’t even fully understand how powerful she really is.

5 Protecting Hawkeye: Defeating the incredibly powerful Vision with such ease was definitely a show of great strength

When the Sokovia Accords broke into the MCU, and the Avengers broke up, Wanda was punished at the Avengers facility by a somewhat paranoid Tony Stark. So, in an attempt to rescue her from the base, Hawkeye confronted Vision, and of course he was greatly outmatched.

Hawkeye had become a very important father figure to Wanda, so it was no surprise that Wanda came to save the day. But what was surprising was the ease with which he gained control of the mind stone, and therefore the Vision, and smashed it to the ground. Defeating the incredibly powerful Vision with such ease was undoubtedly a show of great strength.

4 The airport scene: fans saw his peculiar way of fighting against opponents

In one of Marvel’s best Phase 3 action sequences, Team Tony took on Team Cap in an impressive showdown in Germany. Fans saw how Black Panther and the Winter Soldier go hand in hand, how Captain America and Tony go head to head, and viewers were even introduced to the MCU’s own Spider-Man.

With all these Avengers, it would be difficult to stand out, but Wanda once again demonstrated her immense abilities on many occasions. When he shot down car after car hitting Tony Stark, fans saw his unique way of fighting opponents and how his mystical powers could defeat almost anyone.

3 Destruction of an infinity stone: Heartbreakingly, Wanda killed Vision in the process

Infinity War was a tragic movie for all the characters fans had come to love, but for Wanda it was especially painful. He had already lost his brother a few years ago, and the idea of ​​Thanos killing the man he loved would have been unbearable. To make it even more heartbreaking, Paul Bettany’s character urged her to kill him and destroy the mind stone to stop the Mad Titan, as she was the only one powerful enough to do so.

Heartbreakingly, Wanda destroys the stone, killing Vision in the process, and only moments later does Thanos use the time stone to bring him back, take the stone, and kill Vision once more.

2 Revenge on the Mad Titan: The only thing that stopped him from pulling the final trigger was Thanos launching missiles all over the base

Following the Avengers’ time steal and reverse snap, Wanda finds herself back on the battlefield facing the man who just killed her true love. As soon as she sees Thanos, nothing stops her. Full of revenge, Wanda confronts the Mad Titan and easily defeats him.

She breaks Thanos’s sword and nearly kills him using her magic, the only thing stopping her from pulling the final trigger was Thanos launching missiles all over the base, killing his own army in the process. If she was able to come close to killing the Mad Titan, it’s hard to imagine anyone stopping her in the future.

1 Create your own reality – must be the most powerful hero in the universe

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel kicked off the new MCU saga with Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019, and now in 2021, WandaVision became the MCU’s first live-action television series. .

So far, the series has given rise to more questions than answers, and people don’t quite understand what’s going on, but whatever it is that Wanda is doing, whether it’s creating her new reality, controlling other people’s minds. Or worse, she must be the most powerful hero in the universe. Only time will tell what is really going on, but it’s fair to say that fans can’t wait to see Wanda in action again.