10 times Vegeta was a better father than Goku

Through its multiple iterations, Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime franchises of all time. It has earned this wide level of popularity thanks to the way it elegantly combines fun characters, chaotic action scenes, and engaging storytelling. Dragon Ball is often focused on battle, but the characters also grow and form families throughout the series. Vegeta is an exceptional fighter, but it comes as a big surprise when he becomes a father and develops an affinity for his family.

Anime is a hyperbolized medium that has its share of father and son stories, but Vegeta’s especially resonates. It is shocking that a character who enters the anime as a villain becomes a possibly better father than the anime’s protagonist, Goku.

10 Even in his Majin state, he does not disgust his son’s feelings

Dragon Ball Z’s Buu Saga marks a dramatic turn on Vegeta where he returns to the dark side and allows Buu to turn him into a Majin as a desperate effort to surpass Goku in power.

Majin Vegeta’s fight against Goku is a thrilling return to anime form, which concludes with Vegeta closing the loop and committing an act of self-destruction in an attempt to destroy Buu. Before making this decision, Vegeta spends a tender moment with Trunks and knocks him out to save himself the tragedy of what is about to happen.

9 refuses to leave before Bulma gives birth to Bulla

The last great arc of Dragon Ball Super revolves around the competition of the multiversal Tournament of Power. The universe has to gather its strongest warriors for combat and Goku recruits the most suitable for the challenge.

Vegeta is the natural choice, but it turns out that Bulma is very pregnant with Bulla at the time. Vegeta refuses to participate before his wife gives birth and can be there for his daughter’s first moments. Whis speeds things up a bit, but he’s a great example of how Vegeta values ​​his kids and family over fighting.

8 He is enraged when he sees Cell injures Future Trunks

Characters are moved by many different things in Dragon Ball and Vegeta is someone in whom pride and honor are particularly important. Vegeta has a pretty wicked temper when he wants to unleash himself and when he sees Cell inflict some serious abuse on Future Trunks he loses his mind and attacks with a blind rage.

It might not be the best strategy, but it shows how much Vegeta cares about this version of his son that he just met. On the other hand, Goku seems to enjoy putting his children in danger as a means of strengthening his character.

7 he’s willing to stay in a broken timeline for Future Trunks

The fight against Goku Black and Zamasu is one of the most compelling and unpredictable materials in Dragon Ball Super’s. Vegeta, Goku and company are forced to cover many elaborate methods to defeat this immortal foe.

Time travel is a vital element in all of this and there is a moment when the limitations of his team drive Vegeta to stay in the future timeline so that his son can survive. It is a gesture that he does not have to do, but that shows the seriousness with which he faces all this and that he is the only one willing to make such a sacrifice.

6 Take Bulla Shopping

Dragon Ball GT is still somewhat maligned in the Dragon Ball community, but it is entertaining to see what these older versions of the characters do in some of the most extreme cases. For example, Dragon Ball GT is the only time an old version of Vegeta’s daughter, Bulla, has appeared.

Dragon Ball GT ends up taking action, but it also shows that Vegeta usually takes Bulla shopping and takes care of this side of errands instead of Bulma. It’s a softer, more domestic side, and it’s hard to imagine Goku taking any of his kids shopping or something like that.

5 Vegeta’s children come to mind when he thinks his time is up in the Tournament of Power

The Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is a radical battle with dozens of fighters, which is an interesting change of pace from how most tournaments play out. All characters go to great lengths and try ambitious strategies to help keep their universe on the run.

A desperate Vegeta channels all his energy into a destructive maneuver that he believes will take him away. Vegeta manages to survive, but during his last moments he thinks about Trunks, Bulma and those who are important to him. You reflect on your family, not your great battles.

4 He takes his son on vacation

Dragon Ball characters are very often concerned with protecting the planet from destruction, but there are occasional moments of rest. Dragon Ball Super has fun in its first episodes when Vegeta takes his family on vacation to an amusement park, to have ice cream and buy toys.

Vegeta might not seem delighted to be there, but at least he’s present and makes the effort, while Goku has never done any of that. He is always too distracted or focused on battle to engage in what he would consider frivolous activities.

3 You strive to regularly train your child

Fatherhood is not easy for everyone and Vegeta can sometimes seem cold and distant, which is not exactly a desirable trait in a father. However, Trunks’ birth seems to really change Vegeta. He prides himself on training regularly with his son, passing on his own fighting methods, and using his strength as a way to bond and grow.

Goku also trains a lot with Gohan, but feels more focused on the enemy they are trying to defeat. Vegeta is really vulnerable and opens up to Trunks during their training times.

2 In Dragon Ball Super he gives Future Trunks the father he never had

The sequels can sometimes be a punching bag, but Dragon Ball Super pays homage to a slew of beloved events and characters from the series’ past. The return of Dragon Ball Super is very exciting, although it is accompanied by dire news about the threat of Goku Black.

Vegeta takes this opportunity to bond with this alternate version of his son, even more so than during his last visit. It also helps him train for real as Future Trunks gradually eliminates impractical strategies such as continued use of the bulky Ultra Super Saiyan form.

1 Your bargain park with trunks

The Dragon Ball franchise sometimes experiments with funny, muted episodes that take place amid all the chaos. It’s always exciting when individuals engage in gigantic battles, but the little moments of the characters can sometimes resonate even more.

There is an especially sweet scene in the anime where Vegeta realizes Trunks’ ability to become a Super Saiyan and decides to test and motivate his son. Vegeta tells his son that if he manages to land a punch, he will take him to the park. Vegeta keeps his word and it’s sweet motivation for both of them.