10 times Universe 7 should have lost the Tournament of Power

The Tournament of Power Arc is one of the most memorable arcs in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball Super featured a long list of characters that Goku had to face during the Tournament of Power. Each of these characters may not have been able to break through Goku’s story armor, but there were many times when they should have.

Jiren, Kale, and the Danger Trio pushed Goku and the rest of Universe 7 to their absolute limits. These characters – not Goku or Vegeta – make the Tournament of Power one of the most memorable arcs in the Dragon Ball franchise. Here are 10 times Universe 7 should have lost the Tournament of Power.

10 after Goku created a spirit bomb

Goku’s spirit bomb technique is a powerful attack that allows him to draw out the power reserves of his allies. When Goku first confronts Jiren, he attempts to defeat the monster from Universe 11 with a spirit bomb.

This technique may seem like the last straw that Goku and his team would need to defeat Jiren, but when the Pride Trooper emerged from the blast unscathed, Universe 7 should have been doomed. Not only had Goku expended all of his energy, but the rest of the Universe 7 fighters should have also weakened after giving Goku their strength. Vegeta is the only member of Universe 7 who should have advanced in full force after Goku wasted a Spirit Bomb against Jiren.

9 At the start of the tournament

When the Tournament of Power began, Goku and the rest of Universe 7 had a mark on their back. Thanks to Goku’s meddling, all the universes were forced to participate in the tournament to fight for their survival.

If more powerful enemies like Toppo, Ribrianne, and Kefla had joined the organized assault on Universe 7 early in the tournament, Goku and his friends would have been eliminated much earlier than viewers expected.

8 One of the times Goku ran out with Ultra Instinct

Goku spent the 48 hours trapped in the Tournament of Power learning to master the Ultra Instinct transformation. With this transformation, the power of Goku enters the realm of the gods, making him almost unbeatable.

Unfortunately, Goku cannot maintain his Ultra Instinct form for more than a few minutes, and when he is exhausted from the transformation, he is useless as a fighter. If the Pride Troops or even one of Universe 4’s hidden warriors had attacked Goku when he was weak, Universe 7 might have been defeated.

7 Kale’s Berserk Saiyan transformation

The Tournament of Power was filled with incredible Saiyan transformations, but none of them were as shocking as Kale’s Legendary Saiyan Transformation. After being pushed to the limit, Kale loses control of herself and transforms into a legendary super Saiyan with only one goal in mind. You must defeat Goku.

While in this transformation, Kale breaks through Goku’s defenses in Super Saiyan Blue. If any other combatant had taken advantage of the shock and attacked Goku during his battle with Kale, Universe 7 would have lost its most powerful warrior.

6 Goku vs. Caulifla

The difference between Goku and Caulifla is immense in terms of power, but when Goku faces the proud Saiyan from Universe 6, he is still recovering from his battle with Jiren.

After going through Ultra Instinct, Goku’s stamina was depleted. Even so, he manages to compete with another Super Saiyan who has already begun to master Super Saiyan 2. If Caulifla could have enlisted the help of her fellow Nameks or even all the help of Kale, she should have been able to dispatch to a weakened Goku and end Universe 7’s chances of winning the Tournament.

5 when Kale controls the legendary transformation into Super Saiyan

When Kale finally manages to control the legendary Super Saiyan Transformation, he faces a Goku who has spent most of his energy fighting Jirin and Caulifla. The combined strength of this legendary form and Caulifla’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation should have easily overpowered Goku.

Even Goku acknowledges this and mocks the two warriors for not ending the match when they had the chance. If Kale had managed to overwhelm Goku while he was still weakened by his Ultra Instinct Transformation, Universe 7 would have effectively fallen to Kefla’s combined might.

4 Toppo could have defeated Vegeta while he was watching Goku and Jiren fight

Before Vegeta achieved his brilliant Super Saiyan Blue transformation and Toppo unleashed his power as a god of destruction, the two combatants faced off on a more balanced playing field. While Goku was fighting Jiren, Vegeta was facing Toppo.

The proud Saiyan Prince made the mistake of underestimating Toppo and ended up locked in the clutches of the Pride Trooper. If the destroyer had chosen to unleash his full power on Vegeta, Goku’s ally would have surely been defeated. Without Vegeta, Goku would not have been able to hold out as long as he did against Jiren, and Universe 7 would have been defeated.

3 when Goku got trapped in Universe 9’s Triangle of Death

Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil may not have been powerful enough to defeat Goku on their own, but they should have defeated the conceited saiyan with their combined strength. If it weren’t for Prince Vegeta’s help, the trap that the Danger Trio set for Goku would likely have resulted in the defeat of Universe 7.

Vegeta isn’t usually the heroic type, so this little handout is a bit odd considering his character’s usual selfish demeanor. Maybe Goku could have escaped the Trio of Peril on his own, but the fact is, Universe 7 could have been defeated multiple times if they hadn’t worked together to defeat their enemies.

2 The Invisible Man of Universe 4

More than halfway through the arc of the Tournament of Power, Universe 4 reveals that it has two fighters who can attack without revealing the presence of their opponents. These stealth fighters almost eliminated Vegeta and Gohan from Universe 7.

If Universe 4 had these fighters on the field all the time and they were always hell-bent on defeating Universe 7, there is no reason Goku and his team have come this far. Goku, in particular, had spent entire periods of the tournament weakened by his Ultra Instinct transformations. The perfect target for an invisible enemy.

1 When facing the supreme power of Universe 3

After Universe 7 defeats all of Universe 3’s robotic combatants in Dragon Ball Super episode 121, they are faced with a mechanical creation that puts the power of Cell from Dragon Ball Z in check. This giant beast was only defeated by Universe 7 thanks to the incredible teamwork shown by the six remaining members.

Even with their combined strength, Universe 7 was about to be defeated by the ultimate power of Universe 3. Goku and Android 17 were almost eliminated during this battle. If any of them had gone down, Universe 7 would have had no chance of winning the tournament.