10 times the Justice League didn’t care about collateral damage


The Justice League saves the world and the universe all the time. Most of the time, they save the entire Multiverse. That does not happen without any collateral damage. The DC Comics superhero team always tries to keep things as safe as possible. However, sometimes the battle is too great to contain.

Whether in explosive crossovers in comics, animated series, or movies, the Justice League often ignores any concerns for property or people if need be. Even when they save the day, it may not come out as clean as it should.

10 Steppenwolf (Movie)

Man Of Steel, the first DCEU film, received some criticism for the large amount of destruction at the film’s climax. When they came to the Justice League in 2017, the team was well aware of civilian casualties. However, that did not stop them from destroying many properties. His battle with Steppenwolf and the Parademons in an abandoned Russian city was all about stopping the bad guys from doing more damage than they already had. Still, the Justice League contributed its share.

9 Martian Manhunter

Sometimes the heroes of the Justice League fight against themselves. In New Age 52, the members of the Justice League were all strangers to each other. That led to some early friction. In Justice League # 8, from writer Geoff Johns and artists Carlos D’Anda and IvanReis, the team takes on the Martian Manhunter, who is nominally a member in the team’s previous continuity.

With much collateral damage resulting from it, this enormous struggle was actually only covered in this single panel. It was somewhat mysterious why and how it happened, which was not a New 52 thing that aged so well.

8 Darkseid (Justice League: War)

Darkseid is arguably the best villain in DC and a thorn in the side of the Justice League in every iteration. Whether in comics, or in animated series and movies, it is always a big problem. In the 2014 animated film Justice League: War, Darkseid leads a massive alien invasion of Earth. The Justice League is determined to stop him, no matter the cost. The epic scale of the fight results in a lot of collateral damage, but it is necessary to defeat a villain without mercy.

7 The Crime Syndicate (Crisis on Two Lands)

Crisis On Two Earths is another animated Justice League movie that features a massive battle. This time, it is with the evil counterparts of the Justice League on Earth-Two, the Syndicate of Crime. The evil versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman interbreed from Earth-Two to Earth-One, doing a lot of damage in the process.

There have been numerous versions of the Crime Syndicate of America in the comics and in the animated films. This was one of the most dangerous, with the intention of dominating not only his world but also that of the Justice League.

6 Doomsday (Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice)

Doomsday is going to result in some collateral damage every time it shows up. That was the case in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice when the movie version of the powerful villain wrecked the home in Metropolis. This area of ​​the city was empty of people, but many cars, buildings, and houses were turned to dust when Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman combined their forces to stop him. In the end, it was Superman’s heroic sacrifice that destroyed Judgment Day and saved the world.

5 Lex Luthor / Cerebral Hybrid (Justice League Unlimited)

One of the most challenging battles the Justice League has ever faced was against the terrifying fusion of Lex Luthor and Brainiac. Two great villains from Justice League Unlimited came together when Brainiac shot Luthor with a virus and basically took over his body. The result was an even smarter, stronger, and more dangerous villain. The Justice League left it all on the battlefield against the drones and against the merged villain himself, resulting in Project Cadmus and the destruction of other civilian property.

4 Despero (Comics)

Despero is a Justice League villain who has yet to take action. One of the most devastating battles in Justice League history could be the basis for it if you do. In Justice League # 38-40, from writer Keith Giffen and artist JM DeMatteis, Despero returns to Earth to take revenge for the last time the Justice League defeated him. In the process, many carnage is inflicted in Detroit, and the team is responsible for some of them in their boundless effort to stop Despero.

3 The Darkest Knight

One of the greatest moments of the recently completed Dark Knights: Death Metal, the Justice League takes the last stand against the Dark Knight. The team spares nothing or anyone to stop the cosmic power villain from destroying the entire Multiverse.

In the final battle, the entire Bat-Family is killed and resurrected with a Black Lantern power ring from Batman himself. Wonder Woman ascended to divinity to face the Darkest Knight in the showdown for all of reality.

2 Doomsday (Comics)

One of the most destructive battles in comic book history took place in the pages of the Death of Superman event in the early 1990s. The Justice League tried everything to stop the impossibly strong villain from reaching Metropolis, but couldn’t. do what. They brought as much damage as he did in the effort, and Superman gave way a lot in his concern for collateral damage in the final stages of the battle. Superman ended the battle at the cost of his own life with the Japanese People’s Liberation Army in shock and sadness.

1 The Antimonitor

Perhaps the biggest battle the Justice League ever participated in, at least before Death Metal, was during Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the Anti-Monitor destroyed universe after universe, the surviving heroes banded together to stop him at all costs. The destruction was truly cosmic, with entire worlds and cities falling. The heroes did too, the most famous being the Lightning Bolt and the Supergirl. Although the Justice League was successful in the end, it came at incalculable cost to everyone involved.