10 Times Piccolo Was Terrible To Gohan (Nobody Cared Anymore)

One of the most endearing and consistent aspects of the Dragon Ball franchise has been the relationship between Piccolo and Gohan. Their bond has stood out as a key piece in Piccolo’s arc of redemption and in his transition from villain to hero. Ever since he sacrificed himself to save the half-alien boy, Piccolo has served as a father figure to Gohan in a way that Goku never was and perhaps never could be.

However, while Gohan always brought out a more caring side of the Namekian, even in the saiyan’s adulthood, that doesn’t mean Piccolo never did anything to the boy that showed undertones of his former evil self. Perhaps stranger than the cruel acts of a so-called « father figure » is that all the way through, no one else seems to care.

10 They don’t care about saving him

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan is kidnapped by his long-lost uncle Raditz. Piccolo offers Goku, his staunch enemy, some help finding him, but it has nothing to do with changing his mind or wanting to save Gohan.

Piccolo admits it point-blank before he and Goku set out on their journey. He doesn’t care about Goku, his friends, or his son. He just couldn’t bear the thought of an alien warrior conquering the world before him. Maybe because Goku was running out of options, he didn’t blink at Piccolo’s comment.

9 leaving Gohan fatherless

During that same Saiyan Saga, it was in that fight against Raditz that Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon pierced both the invader Saiyan and his brother, causing not only Goku’s first death in the series, but also for Gohan to stay. without father.

Although it was a necessary means to defeat a common enemy, Goku’s friends never confront him after the fight for directly causing the death of their leader Z-Fighter. The Demon King’s descendant never has to answer for this, especially since it is clear that he had no problem killing Goku, killing both of his enemies in one hit.

8 Kidnapping of Gohan

Also, what’s even worse than Piccolo turning Gohan into a fatherless boy in the blink of an eye is that he decides to kidnap the boy under the impression that only he has the credentials to train him before the Saiyans arrive. Plus, it does it with hardly any fighting.

It is true that Piccolo promised that he would take the child regardless of what the Z fighters thought, and that he was willing to do it by brute force if necessary, but seeing how it happened without his so-called caretakers objecting to it was concerning for everyone. those involved. Not even Krillin or the former winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament, Master Roshi, moved.

7 Leave him alone for six months

Speaking of Piccolo training the saiyan half-breed, the teacher manages to traumatize his student in a span of about five minutes. First of all, upon waking up the boy after being knocked out earlier by Raditz, he coldly tells him that his father is dead and that he must prepare to have his first fight against the Saiyans who will invade the earth within a year.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, he immediately abandons the child for six months, thinking that leaving a four-year-old in the wild to fend for himself will make him stronger. Without taking into account that he has never been without his parents before and that he is a child surrounded by rabid animals and dinosaurs.

6 Brutal training for another six months

Miraculously, when Piccolo returns in six months, Gohan hasn’t been eaten by a dinosaur before they can begin their training properly. However, when they decide to begin physical combat training for the next six months, Piccolo is not easy on the boy.

It’s understandable, knowing that the Saiyans won’t be easy to deal with Gohan when they finally fight, but again, Gohan had never gotten into a fight. He has never scraped his knee in a fall before, and without warning or introduction, this four-year-old is bruised, bloodied, beaten and nearly drowned by a grown man.

5 equally brutal training in Super

Fast-forward to Dragon Ball Super, where Gohan, hoping to get back to his old self, gets Piccolo to train him again. However, in doing so, Piccolo does not deprive himself of training him with the same brutality as when Gohan was a child. And since Gohan is a full-fledged adult right now, Piccolo probably struggled even more.

This caused the Namek to strangle Gohan until he lost consciousness in his exhausting training. While it works to help Gohan regain his final form, no one is shocked that Piccolo nearly turned Pan into a fatherless daughter!

4 Throw a baby off a mountain

With all this talk about Gohan’s training, it’s also worth noting how they both initially introduced themselves. Moments after killing Gohan’s father and kidnapping him, Piccolo takes Gohan to a barren wasteland. Before leaving him for six months, she tries to test a theory that Gohan’s powers are unlocked when he’s in emotional danger.

He tests this theory by throwing Gohan – a real baby – against a mountain. Of course, Piccolo’s theory turns out to be correct when Gohan’s emotions trigger a ki blast that destroys the mountain, but if he was wrong, that could have ended very, very badly for Gohan.

3 When Piccolo cut off his tail

When he sees Gohan become a Great Ape for the first time, he destroys the moon and cuts off the boy’s tail. Reasonable reaction.

This entry is not so « terrible » -especially when compared to the other entries-, as Piccolo did it mostly for the greater good of protecting himself and everyone around him who could be affected by a wild Gohan . This mostly fits in that no one cared afterwards. No one really reacted to seeing Gohan tailless a year later, but to be fair, the Z-fighters had bigger problems to worry about in the form of invading Saiyans.

2. He confronts Gohan for being a boy

In Piccolo’s defense, Gohan’s hiss was enough to pierce the sensitive ears of any Namekian, as viewers later learned at the end of the film. However, in Lord Slug’s opening scene, when Piccolo lashes out at Gohan for singing and dancing, he basically yells at the boy for doing something he can’t help at his young age.

Kids sing and dance all the time, and yes, it is annoying, but ear piercing aside, Piccolo’s reaction could be considered an overreaction to the average viewer.

1 Call Gohan Failed

When it was finally time to fight the Saiyans that he and Piccolo had desperately trained for a year to confront, Gohan froze in his tracks. He froze in a « fight or flight » plan, and when Piccolo ordered Gohan to fire a blast at an approaching Nappa, the boy fled instead.

Piccolo calls Gohan a failure, acts like his year of training has been a waste, and suggests that Gohan go home with Chi-Chi. None of the other Z fighters disagree. For all the time the two of them spent together, regardless of how much Gohan has regressed in the last year, it may have been a bit harsh.