10 things you’ve forgotten since the first episode of The Promised Neverland

After Emma, ​​Ray, and Norman left Grace Field House in the first season of The Promised Neverland, a lot changed. The setting expanded exponentially, and the characters were forced to mature in a way that 11-year-olds shouldn’t have.

All these changes are welcomed by fans of the series, but they make it difficult to remember everything that happened in episode 1 of the first season. The list that follows explores 10 different things fans may have forgotten since the anime The Promised Neverland debuted in 2019.

10 Emma and Conny wanted to stay at Grace Field House

Many of you reading this will remember that Conny wanted to stay at Grace Field House and become a mother, but Emma has become a totally different person since the first episode of The Promised Neverland.

Back in the days when viewers were still ignorant of the grand plot between demons and humans, Emma looked a lot like Conny and Isabella. Regardless of what the outside world threw in store for her, Emma was committed to staying in the Field of Grace forever. Season two has focused on Emma after she escaped Grace Field, causing many to forget how devoted Emma was to the farm she now renounces.

9 Episode numbers = Farm registration numbers

Each orphan inside the Casa de Campo de Gracia has a number tattooed on their neck. These numbers serve as registration numbers for the demons that run the farms to keep track of your merchandise.

The first season of The Promised Neverland used the episode titles to draw attention to these farm registration numbers. Episode 1 is titled « 121045 ». However, no child living inside Grace Field in season one wears this number around their neck. It seems like the first episode was hinting at viewers about the scale of this world long before they realized it.

8 Mom was as scary as demons

Promised Neverland has transitioned genres since the start of season two. What was once a suspense anime now sits more comfortably in the fantasy genre. Viewers may have forgotten how scary Mom was thanks to this new fantasy setting.

When Isabella hunts her children again in future episodes, she is sure to remain a fearsome antagonist, but nothing will compare to the way she moved around Grace’s Country House. His confidence and kindness were as terrifying as any demon.

7 Mom was able to show a kinder side

As The Promised Neverland progresses, Isabella becomes one of the biggest thorns in Emma, ​​Ray, and Norman’s side. Her antagonistic demeanor makes it difficult to remember a time when Isabella was anything like a mother.

The first episode of the anime features Mom as a character who loves and appreciates every moment she spends with her children. It is not until the last shots of this episode that fans see the fearsome antagonist known as Isabella.

6 the first episode tried to be very meta

When Emma is introduced in the first episode of The Promised Neverland, she plunges into Isabella’s skirt and moans, « I want to redo my entry, because Ray made fun of me! » It is increasingly common for anime protagonists to have some kind of existential self-awareness, especially with the recent rise of the Isekai genre.

It’s unclear if the producers of The Promised Neverland included this line of dialogue to make Emma appear hyper-aware of her surroundings, but the first episode sure got viewers questioning it more than any of the subsequent episodes.

5 Emma was only 11 years old

Perhaps the scariest piece of information shared in the first episode was the age of the characters. When Emma finally appears on screen, viewers discover that the young woman is 11 years old. She is also one of the oldest girls at the Grace Field Orphanage, along with Ray and Norman.

The Emma that runs through the anime today is 12 years old. It has also matured a lot since the first episode. Fans may have forgotten how young, innocent, and ignorant Emma was. After all, she was just one more orphan living in an orphanage.

4 Everything seemed a mystery before crucial details were revealed

The first shot fans saw when The Promised Neverland aired in January 2019 was of Emma clutching a door. Following this, fans were treated to an incredible opening sequence before spending a day with a group of orphans with six-digit numbers tattooed on their necks.

Fans have learned so much about the world of The Promised Neverland since Episode 1, some may have forgotten what it felt like to be ignorant. Who remembers the feeling of confusion when a calendar with Conny’s name was placed in the center of the screen for the first time?

3 The Casa de Campo de Gracia had a specific routine

The first episode of The Promised Neverland introduced a small setting that fans have come to know as the Grace Field Home. Grace Field Orphanage serves children from birth to 12 years old. Each day at Grace Field consists of scheduled meals, test taking, plenty of playtime, and the occasional Ray lecture.

The first episode makes Grace Field seem so normal until the last few minutes spoil the monotonous show.

2 Norman, Ray and Emma are on a totally different level from the rest

Although Norman, Ray and Emma continue to make their way into the world of demons, fans may have forgotten the incredible abilities these three characters displayed in the first episode. The first look fans got at these three main characters made it seem like they were the smartest, strongest, and most talented kids that ever lived.

All three pass their daily test without breaking a sweat, and Norman beats more than 30 kids in a tag game in 30 minutes. Everyone has a clever and overconfident little cousin, but Norman, Ray and Emma are on another level. Fans would do well to remember it.

1 Don and Conny’s friendship

What fans will never forget about the first episode of The Promised Neverland is Conny. The young woman is first introduced holding a bunny and standing next to Don. After fans see her name on the calendar circled in red around it, they see Conny again when Norman catches her and Don during the tag game.

Fans who have already made it to season two may have forgotten how close Don and Conny were. The series may have been turned into a fantasy anime in season two, but Don will never forget the horrible bets he and his family face.