10 Things You Didn’t Know About Feitan

Feitan may not have the same appeal as a character like Hisoka to casual Hunter X Hunter fans, but the most die-hard will never forget the most daring member of the Phantom Troop. The ninja who uses an umbrella to hide his sword is greatly underused in the overall Hunter X Hunter plot.

This list collects ten facts about Feitan that casual fans might have missed when watching the Hunter X Hunter anime. If fans can remember the Phantom Troop’s other powerful Nen users, they can surely remember Feitan as the Troop’s resident godfather.

10 Acting Leader of the Phantom Troop during the Chimera Ant Arc

Although Feitan is a powerful henchman when the Phantom Troop is originally featured in the Yorknew city arc, he quickly becomes an enemy fans have to respect. During his stay with the Troop in the Chimera Ant arc, Feitan even manages to become the acting leader of the group by defeating Zazan in a single combat.

The Chimaera Ants calling themselves Squad Leaders are no joke, but Feitan does a pretty quick job on Zazan despite being rusty.

9 One of the Original Members of the Ghost Company

The origin story of the Ghost Troop will surely come through the Hunter X Hunter manga in due course. Where and why all the members originally joined the group is information that any fan would want to have.

For now, fans will have to settle for the company’s history, which can be viewed, and the bits of history that appear in the text. One of these fragments is the list of the founding members of the company. Feitan is one of the seven founders, along with Chrollo and Uvogin.

8 he’s a Trevor Brown fan

Trevor Brown is an English artist working in Japan who clearly inspired the mangaka behind Hunter X Hunter. Throughout the anime and manga, Feitan can be seen flipping through the pages of Trevor Brown’s art books.

Brown’s work, sometimes shocking, fits perfectly with Feitan’s dark aesthetic. This inclusion also says something about the world Feitan lives in. Could the world of Hunter X Hunter be closer than fans initially assumed?

7 Despite his murky disposition, Feitan has a good sense of humor

The Chimera Ant arc is controversial among fans for the way it poses the conflict between the world and the new species of Chimera Ant. It seems that the Hunter X Hunter mangaka wanted to show fans how the entire world would react to the threat of the Chimera Ant.

The longer arc can be controversial, but it gives fans a chance to spend time with characters like Feitan that didn’t exist in previous arches. When the Ghost Troop confronts Zazan in Meteor City, fans can see the lighter side of Feitan when he jokes around with Shalnark and Phinks.

6 Feitan favors the nen type of transmutation

Like Killua and Silva Zoldyck, Feitan has an affinity for the Nen type of transmutation. However, instead of recreating the power of lightning, Feitan uses his power to mimic the power of the sun.

How Feitan learned about the power of the sun on such an intimate level is a question for another day, but fans shouldn’t forget the sheer amount of power Feitan can put behind this attack. The Rising Sun technique was about to fry Zazan and all the members of the Ghost Troop at once. The only reason Feitan himself survived is because of the elegant outfit he conjured just before launching his final attack.

5 He also masters the types of emitter and conjurer nen

In addition to his affinity for Nen’s type of transmutation, Feitan shows his skill as a conjurer and emitter by casting his Rising Sun technique. This kind of interdisciplinary ability is rare, making Feitan one of the strongest Nen users displayed in the Hunter XHunter canon so far.

When Feitan conjures up a suit with the phrase Pain Packer, Phinks hints at the different variations this move has to viewers. The extent of Feitan’s abilities as a conjurer remains to be determined.

4 It’s from Meteor City

The junk wasteland that the Ghost Troop calls home is called Meteor City. This city is not recognized by the nations that rule the discovered world, but that does not make it any less legitimate.

Feitan grew up in Meteor City. His skills as a fighter are more than tied to a story of fighting for survival in the lawless city. Still, after what was surely a tragic lifestyle growing up here, Feitan saved her hometown from colonization when Zazan attempted to declare herself queen at the Chimera Ant Arch.

3 Feitan is a ghost in the public databases

As a citizen of Meteor City, Feitan is not recognized by the nations that rule the explored world. His past is a mystery and his records in the public databases show nothing.

The swift swordsman seems to appreciate the power of ignorance over his opponents, so the fact that it doesn’t even exist in public databases suits Feitan well. Even a hunter with access to the online hunters database couldn’t find out anything about the murkiest member of the Phantom Troop before meeting him in person.

2 Even his date of birth is unknown

After Chrollo Lucilfer stole Neon’s divination ability Nen during the Yorknew city arc, the leader of the Phantom Troop uses his new ability to predict the fate of his Troop members. Unfortunately, Feitan was unable to see his destination because the technique requires him to write down his date of birth.

It is never confirmed that Feitan does not know his date of birth, only that he did not want to share it when Chrollo asked him. Why would anyone want to hide their birthday from their allies?

1 Could be a Zoldyck

One of the most popular Hunter X Hunter fan theories supports the idea that Feitan could, in fact, be a member of the Zoldyck family. The young Nen user reigns from Meteor City, as does Killua’s mother. He also shares a resemblance to Killua’s dark-haired siblings.

Furthermore, it has not yet been explained why Kalluto joined the Phantom Troop if his intention was to locate Killua. Perhaps he hopes to find another brother while serving as Spider.