10 Things You Didn’t Know About Darcy Lewis

As the Marvel Universe continues to expand, it’s fair to say that fans have been getting some pretty amazing and amazing crossovers in recent years. The latest Disney + show, WandaVision, unites Avengers and Scarlet Witch lovers with two unexpected characters: Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo from Ant-Man and The Wasp and Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis from the first two Thor movies. .

Since her appearances in Thor, Darcy seemed to slip off the MCU’s radar and has not appeared since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. The charismatic and sarcastic doctor has returned to star in WandaVision and has already made a mark on fans with her great performance leaving viewers desperate for more information about the character.

10 she doesn’t exist in the comics

Unlike almost every other main character in the Marvel Universe, Darcy Lewis doesn’t even exist in the comics. In fact, it was completely made up for the first Thor movie. Your story as a political science student and assistant to astrophysicist Jane Foster was created out of thin air.

Fortunately, however, this means that Marvel can continue to expand its story and future story arcs to fit the universe as it expands. This has made possible his appearance in the new Disney + series.

9 he has accomplished and changed a lot since the time of Thor

Many fans may have wondered what Darcy has done since Thor: The Dark World, and since eight years have passed, it’s fair to say that he could have done a lot. In fact, the screenwriter and creator of the series, Jac Schaeffer, said that they had come up with backstories for the characters of Darcy and Jimmy for the series, but were sadly scrapped.

Schaeffer made it clear « that eight years is a long time, and that she has accomplished a lot and is a different person, » and even said that in those years, Darcy has gone on to earn her Ph.D. and become a Ph.D. Hopefully fans can see what he has done in the near future.

8 Jane’s influence changed her mind

In the first Thor movie, Darcy was a political science student at Culver University and was chosen as Professor Erik’s fellow and Jane’s assistant for being the only applicant. However, after her incredible adventures with the couple, Jane’s influence caused Darcy to change her mind and get a PhD in astrophysics.

When she reappears on WandaVision, Darcy is an accomplished astrophysicist with expert knowledge in areas like the CMBR, among many others. It’s great to see such a cute and intelligent female character really come to grips with herself, and it spawns many potential story lines in the future.

7 Could appear in more future projects

Darcy’s surprise appearance in the sitcom-inspired series has fans wondering if this could lead to a bigger role for his character after his assessment of the strange anomalies at Westview is complete. In a recent interview with Extra, Kat Dennings confirmed that she has already shot other previously unreleased Marvel content.

This makes us wonder what shows or movies he might be in. Maybe working with SWORD on Nick Fury’s Secret Invasion series, or teaming up with Jimmy Woo again on Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania? Most likely, however, is an appearance on the Marvel animation show What If? which will premiere later this year.

6 Will he appear in Thor: Love and Thunder?

In 2022, Taika Waititi returns to direct the next installment of the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder. Featuring a huge and star-studded cast: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, obviously the Guardians of the Galaxy, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, Christian Bale as Gorr The Butcher God, and Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster.

With a great cast and the return of Jane Foster to the Marvel universe, many fans have speculated that Darcy could also return together with his fellow scientist. Kat Dennings, however, has confirmed that her character is unlikely to appear in a Thor movie any time soon.

5 could be the next Jane Foster

As teased at Comic-Con 2019, Natalie Portman’s return as Jane Foster is likely to lead to a female story arc in the next Thor installment. This means that one of the smartest astrophysicists on Earth could leave the field of science and help save lives as a superhero in the future. However, the gap left by the brilliant scientist could be filled by WandaVision’s Darcy Lewis herself.

Now with his Ph.D., Darcy is already one of the smartest people in the world, and with future Marvel projects utilizing ideas like the quantum realm, the multiverse, and alternate realities, Darcy could become incredibly important in understanding the world around them.

4 His character is influenced by sitcoms

WandaVision has grown into an incredibly daring and weird series since its first episode in January, and that’s mostly thanks to its unique sitcom structure through the years. From Malcolm in the Middle to Bewitched, the series has been heavily influenced by sitcoms, so it’s no wonder actors Randall Park and Kat Dennings have a background in sitcoms.

Park has previously appeared in Fresh Of The Boat, and a notable cameo in The Office, while Dennings has had roles in Big Mouth and Two Broke Girls. Perhaps this was part of the reason the two actors received roles on the series.

3 He has the sympathy and charm for a possible spin-off

Following his surprise introduction back to the MCU, many fans are now wondering if there could be a potential spin-off with the character at some point. Like Clark Greg’s Agent Phil Coulson, such a likable character has the potential to lead a series, like Coulson and Agents of SHIELD, that ended last year after seven seasons.

As an important astrophysicist, with her charming and unique personality, Darcy would be perfect for her own series. However, considering the number of projects lined up for the future of the MCU, this seems incredibly unlikely, and fans may have to settle for some more marginalized roles in upcoming series and movies.

2 You are working with SWORD

When it was first rumored that Darcy would return to the MCU on WandaVision, many fans were initially confused as to why SWORD would call her. Was it your experience with other Avengers like Thor that made you stand out? After all, there are likely other options for astrophysicists to help with the Westview incident.

In fact, there are many rumors that Darcy was initially called in to investigate Vision’s dead vibranium body that was locked up in the SWORD facility before Wanda released it. However, it is more likely simply his knowledge of astrophysics, especially since he immediately noticed the incredibly high amounts of CMBR in the anomaly.

1 Give fans hope that other old characters can return

As the Marvel Universe continues to expand and introduce more and more new characters, not many fans would have predicted that Marvel Phase One cast members would now return after nearly 10 years. Darcy’s appearance was a welcome surprise, and it looks like there could be even more to come.

Kevin Feige has already confirmed that Tim Roth’s Abomination character will return in the She-Hulk Disney + series, and that Sharon Carter will also return after five years to Falcon And The Winter Soldier. Who knows what other characters might return soon, and with the introduction of the multiverse, who knows how chaotic things could get.