Damian Lillard is one of the NBA stars. The Portland Trail Blazers player has long been undervalued, but his continued displays have ended up placing him among the best players in the world, to most experts and public opinion.

We will continue reviewing in this series of articles, unknown anecdotes of the great NBA players

1. Phobia of historical monuments

Possibly the strangest of all. Since he was little, Lillard cannot bear to see historical statues. The player himself said that fear comes from a visit he made to a wax museum when he was little. The figures were so realistic that the little « Dame » had to leave and that bad time has remained deep inside.

2. Another player with tattoo numbers

This curiosity should not be surprising because most NBA players have them, but those of the Blazers player have a special meaning. One of them is a text that comes from the Bible in which you can read Psalm 37 of the holy scriptures. The other is on his chest and on it we visualize the word Oakland, the player’s hometown.

3. A rapper with A.K.A included

Lillard is an unconditional fan of hip-hop like many other colleagues. But, he has gone one step further as he has composed his own songs. Give me D.O.L.L.A is the nickname by which it is known. His best-known topic is about race equality.

4. One of the smartest players in the NBA

He is one of the few players in the best league in the world with a university career. 5 years ago he graduated from Weber State University, with a degree in Technology Sciences. His mother always wanted him to study more and spend less time in basketball. Luckily for NBA fans, the point guard ignored it.

5. The number 0 he wears has a history

« Give me » is 0 as Westbrook, for the Blazers base has a special meaning. It is the first letter of Oakland, which as we said is its hometown. It is also the first letter of the city where the university where he studied is located: Ogden.

6. During his early NBA years he was a rock

The Oregon team star went many years without injury. During 276 games not a single match of his team was lost. A plantar fasciitis took him several games off and ended the record.

7. In 2016 he did something no one had ever done in Portland

Lillard became the only player in Blazers history that year to top 10 in two statistical sections. The base was sixth among the top scorers and was the eighth best assistant.

8. Two great names to join the +25 club

The 4-time All-Star is one of three players on the Portland team who have finished a season with more than 25 points on average alongside Clyde Drexler, who did it three times and Vandeweghe who did it once.

9. He played several games with tape

In 2014, in the green week, the player played several games with a green ribbon on his head. In the following season he wanted to do it again, but Wesley Matthews, who was sharing a team with him at the time, encouraged people not to give RT to his post so he wouldn’t.

10. A great long distance triplist

Lillard is one of the great clutch players and his image is well known by touching his wrist as if he had a watch: « Lillard´s time ». However, in recent years the Oakland player has excelled in another aspect: triples from the logo. A hobby that he adopted from Curry and that has taken it to another level.