10 Stand Users Yoshikage Kira could destroy

Yoshikage Kira was the main antagonist of the fourth act of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Diamond is Unbreakable. Although he was comparatively weaker than the other central villains in the series, he was a sinister threat that required the combined efforts of Josuke, Jotaro, and the rest of the group to win.

His perseverance and intelligence speak to the power of the serial killer. By identifying ten characters he could defeat in combat, fans have a firmer understanding of his abilities and a reasonable estimate of how close he came to defeating Morioh’s heroes.

10 Yuya Fungami – The Yoshikage would have a firepower advantage that would ensure combat in their favor

Yuya Fungami was one of the individuals created by the Arrow Stand in the possession of Yoshikage’s father. His « Highway Star » was infamous, both for its long-range ability and the way it weakened opponents while also healing its user.

However, this does not translate particularly well to a direct flight. Even if given the benefit of distance, Yoshikage can deploy his Heart Attack, an indestructible tank powerful enough to take down Jotaro with a single direct blast. Considering that Josuke could last longer than Yuya’s Stand, Yoshikage has a firepower advantage that would ensure the fight in his favor.

9 Mario Zucchero – His stance would not be practical against Yoshikage

Mario Zucchero was one of the first antagonists to cross the path of Team Bucciarati. He stalked them on his ship, having stretched himself and his Stand to surpass it for his ability. One touch is all it takes to defeat Yoshikage and reduce him to a gummy substance.

However, as long as Deadly Queen has the Stray Cat Augment, she could deploy and detonate a bomb against her enemy from a safe distance. With no time to prepare, the dangerousness of Mario’s Stand is not so practical.

8 Koichi Hirose – He has tried to fight the Yoshikage before, but has not won.

Koichi may have been invaluable in taking down Morioh’s notorious assassin, but he’s not deadly. His inability to defeat Yoshikage was evident in their first encounter.

Although Reverb managed to contain Deadly Queen, he couldn’t stop Heart Attack from pouncing on him. This would force him to prioritize a target, and anyone who didn’t select would detonate on it, crushing the young man.

7 D’arby The Gamer – He wouldn’t even bother fighting Yoshikage because it would be too annoying

D’arby the Player may not be the most powerful user of Stand in terms of brute force. However, his immense intelligence and ability to manipulate others give him an advantage over seemingly unbeatable enemies. For example, it is unlikely that Rohan Kishibe will refuse to play a game against him, a tactic that he will surely lose.

Unfortunately for DIO’s servant, Yoshikage, he takes meticulous care to keep his identity (and personal safety) a secret, stating that he prefers not to participate in fights or contests as much as possible. Therefore, should an encounter occur, the explosive assassin would be more inclined to attack you directly than to play a game of skill.

6 Midler – Her great stature and fragile durability would allow the Yoshikage to easily defeat her

The High Priestess was Midler’s Stand. She was able to possess iron, which made her especially treacherous to Jotaro and his allies during their underwater exploits.

Unfortunately for her, Yoshikage’s affinity for arson would be a perfect complement to whatever threats he might pose. He can unleash a fire so powerful that he can incinerate his victims on a molecular level if he comes into direct contact, as he has shown in his numerous murders. Assuming a larger form would only make Midler a more important target that the assassin could exploit, and his poor durability ultimately warrants his demise.

5 Anjuro Kawagiri – His position would not be useful against Yoshikage

Anjuro Kawagiri was the first villain Josuke fought and one of his most serious threats. His Stand was capable of entering any body of water, making him a serial killer almost as efficient as Yoshikage himself.

However, his aquatic physiology makes him vulnerable to Yoshikage’s attacks. If Stray Cat unleashes an explosion that makes direct contact, it would evaporate the Man’s Stand and kill him in the process. Although he can thrive against physical opponents, Yoshikage’s fiery inclinations would be his downfall.

4 Sale – Unfortunately for him, Yoshikage’s position and abilities would render him useless

Sale’s « Kraft Work » mount allows you to absorb the kinetic energy of anything that attacks you. In other words, it has a thin, impenetrable shell around it that makes it almost immune to blunt damage. This was demonstrated in his fight against Guido Mista.

However, it does not guarantee your protection against fire alternatives; coincidentally, Yoshikage’s specialty. As a result, he would be suffocated by the villain’s flames, quickly succumbing to the heat that his Stand was not intended to protect him from.

3 N’Doul – Yoshikage would be too tough for me to defeat

N’Doul’s greatest asset against the Yoshikage is the distance at which he can command his Stand. This would give him the opportunity to defeat his adversary long before he reached him tearing through his body.

However, Yoshikage has proven to be deeply resilient, capable of activating his detonator after a merciless beating from Jotaro Kujo (one that even DIO wasn’t able to shrug despite his vampire body). This speaks to the exceptional durability of Yoshikage, a factor that would be imperative to its success. He would only need to deploy Heart Attack against N’Doul and survive his enemy’s Stand as it made his way towards him.

2 Squalo – The Yoshikage’s abilities would override theirs and mean swift defeat

Squalo was the owner of Stand « Clash », a shark that could diminish anyone caught in its jaws and appear through bodies of water as small as a glass of wine. This makes him a formidable ambusher and versatile guerrilla fighter.

However, Yoshikage’s ability to incinerate the water (by reducing it to steam) would significantly limit Squalo’s options and force him to attack from predictable angles. Then, Yoshikage would directly defend himself against his shark using the Mortal Queen, conveniently quelling his hopes of victory before burning him to ashes. Yoshikage’s intelligence and adaptability were demonstrated in his first escape from Jotaro Kujo.

1 Toyohiro – His position makes him an easy target for the Yoshikage to defeat.

Toyohiro’s « Super Fly » Stand was capable of indefinitely imprisoning anyone trapped inside, releasing them only when their next victim took their place. However, considering that his ability was the product of Yoshikage’s father, it is reasonable to assume that the killer understands how it works.

Consequently, he would only have to stay outside the tower to ensure his success, calmly deploying explosive bombs against him. Considering that he cannot leave the tower until his adversary enters it, it would only be a matter of time before Toyohiro was cremated.