10 series to hit a marathon at Easter

The Bold Type / Genera + ion / The Stand

We have learned many things in this confinement, caused by the expansion of Covid-19 in our country, and one of them is that a catalog with thousands of movie and series titles can be too small for us. And it is not because we lack material, that there is plenty of that, but because too much we are often unable to decide what we want to see. In fact, we spend so much time searching (up, down, from comedy to action, from series to movies, from home to watchlist, from Netflix to HBO, from Smart TV to tablet …) that When we want to realize it, we no longer have the desire to see something new and we end up either watching the usual (‘Friends’ never fails) or turning off the television and picking up a book.

Now that Easter is coming, we have no doubt that many will face this same problem: the collision between wanting to see something new and not knowing what. The eternal questions: What do I see tonight? What have they released lately that is worthwhile? What series will surprise me? Which of these titles that don’t sound like anything at all to me is really going to make me have a good time? The answers to these questions can be found daily on the Fotogramas web, where we do not lack lists of recommendations and weekly criticisms so as not to miss anything at all, but, in case you need a faster and more accurate guide to find out which recent series have not received enough attention, although they should, here we are going to recommend a few.

It does not matter what platforms you have at home (Netflix, Movistar +, HBO Spain, Apple TV +, Disney +, Starzplay …), because in this list you will find options of all kinds. You just have to decide which one is the most likely to suit your tastes. (Are you more of future post-apocalyptics? Or romantic comedies? Or personal dramons? Or police thriller? Or horror stories?), Press play and start enjoying everything they have to offer.

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‘It’s a sin’: A tale of struggle and dreams

If you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing one of the best series of the season. Created by Russell T. Davies (which at the end of the 90s revolutionized British fiction and LGBTIQ + representation with the mythical ‘Queer As Folk’), ‘It’s a sin’ takes us to London in the 80s, when the crudest years of HIV were lived with the first AIDS cases. Through its five episodes, the story leads us to fall in love with his group of protagonist friends (Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells, Lydia West, and Nathaniel Curtis), who have come to the capital to start a new life and fulfill their dreams and will have to face, without knowing it, the obstacles that living outside of heteronormativity entails in a deeply intolerant society.

Available in: HBO Spain.

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‘Calls’: Haunting terror through sound

If you are looking for an original, surprising and disturbing series, you will want to know about the existence of ‘Calls’ on Apple TV +. Created by Fede Alvarez (yes, the director of the very tense ‘Do not breathe’), has stars of the stature of Pedro Pascal, Lily Collins, Nick Jonas, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Rosario Dawson, Aubrey Plaza and Karen gillan, but you will never see their faces: this series is based on phone calls, which we listen attentively as we observe the waves moving abstractly on the screen. And that’s all it takes to put the bad vibes in our bodies and immerse ourselves in a series of situations between fantasy, science fiction and horror. You know: the most terrifying is what has no face, because it is our imagination that is responsible for showing us the worst.

Available in: Apple TV +.

‘Line of Duty’: An Incredible Police Series

That you still haven’t gotten hooked on one of the most legendary, intense and brilliant series on British television in recent years? You will regret not giving it a chance before: ‘Line of duty’, which has just premiered its sixth season, is the exemplary crime and police series that reminds us how much we can get to enjoy this television genre. After more than five years, he continues to stay on the crest of the wave, surprising and improving with each episode. Created by Jed Mercury, the series shows us the work of a group of agents who are dedicated to investigating internal corruption within the police.

Available in: Movistar +.

‘The Bold Type’: A romantic comedy with a feminist conscience

For years now, many viewers around the world have not missed a single episode of ‘The Bold Type’, but now there may be many more: the series created by Sarah Watson has just premiered its four seasons on Netflix Spain, so it is the perfect time to settle this pending account and discover why so many love this story that seems like a perfect mix between ‘Sex in New York’ and ‘The devil wears Prada’. The story follows three young women, Jane (Katie stevens), Kat (Aisha dee), and Sutton (Meghann Fahy), who work at a fashion magazine called Scarlet, and we follow them through their love and career problems, where the only thing that never changes or falters is the precious friendship they share.

Available in: Netflix.

‘The Bold Type’: The feminist series that you cannot miss

‘Genera + ion’: The Dramedia of Generation Z

If you are still waiting for the second season of ‘Euphoria’ to arrive, on HBO Spain you can enjoy another fantastic (and a little more comical) portrait of Generation Z. Created by Zelda and Daniel Barnz, the story follows a group of teenagers today and explores their many problems, ranging from the process of self-discovery of their own personality, sexual orientation or identity to their dreams for the future. To top it off, these youngsters (including the ‘not-so-teen’ star Justice smith, protagonist of ‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’) have to find themselves in a community that is too traditional and conservative that does not accept the difference.

Available in: HBO Spain.

‘The Stand’: The apocalypse according to Stephen King

It is never a bad time to see a new adaptation of the work of Stephen King, which has given us classics ranging from ‘The Shining’ to the recent ‘The Visitor’ from HBO. But the last of his novels to hit the small screen is ‘The Stand’, which takes us to a post-apocalyptic future in which a human virus called ‘Captain Trips’ has swept away everything. However, at that moment a false messiah appears who wants to dominate the remains of a battered society, but a group of opponents is willing to do whatever it takes to stop him. A seven-episode miniseries that, while not giving us anything incredibly novel or original, its all-star cast (Whoopi Goldberg, James Marsden, Greg Kinnear, Alexander Skarsgård) and his look to the future is enough for us to have a good time.

Available in: Starzplay.

‘Infamy’: When abuse goes unpunished

This 3-episode miniseries is based on a chilling true story: Three young Rochdale girls were kidnapped, sexually abused and trafficked, and despite all these atrocities the authorities failed in their job to bring them justice. ‘La infamia’ is not only a portrait of the case: it is also a furious complaint against the injustices that were experienced in it and a harsh criticism of all those, from those who judged them with prejudices in the judicial system to the social services that They did not know how to help them, they did not do their job properly. Created by Nicole taylor for BBC1, and elevated by its actresses Ria Zmitrowicz, Liv hill and Molly windsorIt is a series as bitter as it is necessary.

Available in: Filmin.

‘The One’: A mystery that hooks

This new Netflix series talks about a theme that has obsessed our society for centuries: finding our better half, experiencing true love marked by destiny, soul mates … You know. Based on the book of John marrs, ‘The One’ tells how its protagonist, Rebeca, found a way to identify our other half through DNA. You just have to take a test and we will know who is the person with whom we are destined to spend the rest of our lives. As you might expect, this discovery (and its commercialization) causes utter chaos, divorces skyrocket, and this discovery begins to turn into a danger.

Available in: Netflix.

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‘Superman & Lois’: When the cape is the least

You’ve never seen Superman this way. Created by Greg Berlanti, this new series from The CW in the DC Comics universe gives us a new perspective on Clark Kent (Tyler hoechlin), who is no longer just an all-powerful superhero who saves the world every week, but also a father of two teenage boys who drive him crazy. He is joined, finally with much more prominence than we are used to, the great Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch), a courageous mother and brilliant journalist who will also have to deal with motherhood and being married to a demigod.

Available in: HBO Spain.

‘Kisses to the air’: A tribute to health workers in times of pandemic

It’s been more than a year since our lives turned upside down due to the spread of Covid-19 in Spain (and the rest of the world), and we can never thank all those who were on the front line of battle enough. We are talking, of course, about the toilets, to whom ‘Besos al aire’ pays a well-deserved tribute through two chapters starring Paco Leon and Eleanor Watling, and that premieres exclusively Disney +. Created by Ignacio Mercero and Darío Madrona, It is a tribute to optimism, love and those people who have not had a minute of rest during this pandemic.

Available in: Disney + (via Star).

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