10 series like ‘Friends’ so you can stop watching it in a loop

Not, there will never be a series exactly like ‘Friends’. For a reason, it is one of the most legendary series on television, with a large mass of fans that does not falter, who after more than twenty years are still at the bottom of the canyon repeating episodes in a loop, investing their salary in ‘merchandising’ and opening debate about each of the most debatable aspects of the show. Yeah sure, we talked about Ross Geller and whether we should love him or hate him. Of course, that is the kind of passion that an iconic series, created by David crane Y Marta Kauffman, and that, despite being the daughter of her time, it seems that for her followers she has not aged a single day.

Now if you want to find some alternative similar to ‘Friends’ In order to give a break to your more than amortized DVD collection, we have some proposals. Some came before the NBC series, such as the legendary ‘Seinfeld’, and others are directly heirs to its legacy, from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to ‘New Girl’. All of them are different, of course, but most of them play in that league of the ‘sitcom’ starring a choral group of characters (be they friends, lovers or family) and a sense of humor full of good vibes and joys and happiness. miseries of the day to day. Their lives are what we could all have (if we had a great footstep in New York and a lot of style, of course) and we identify their problems with ours, whether in love, at work, in friendship or in any other aspect of life. existence.

Although hey, you don’t have to get too deep or see yourself reflected on the small screen to enjoy what these ten series have to offer. Fans of ‘Friends’, here are our recommendations for you to temporarily leave Central Perk and you will discover a series of stories that will also make you fall in love.

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There are plenty of presentations: ‘Seinfeld’ is an iconic series and a perfect choice to watch after ‘Friends’. It has some of the same elements, from its New York sitcom model to the starring role of a group of very different and hilarious friends, but it is clear that this series created and led by Jerry seinfeld he lives in his own world. A world in which, as has been said, absolutely nothing happens. But everything happens. It is an essential series.

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The Big Bang Theory

We could consider it the geek version of ‘Friends’, where a group of manual ‘nerds’ and their neighbor aspiring actress live the dramas and comedies of every day. A ‘sitcom’ with a very similar situation, but that finds its best jokes in the cultural references and the crazy manias of each of its characters, from the robotic soul of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) until Raj’s disability (Kunal nayyar) to talk to women.

It’s available on HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and ATRESplayer

how I Met Your Mother

Without ‘Friends’, this series would not exist at all. And it is that ‘How I met your mother’ is cut by the same pattern, Swapping the Central Perk coffee for the MacLaren bar and subtracting one member from his eclectic group of friends, who also have intermittent love affairs with each other. Now, in this series there is a question that flies over the story from the first moment: how did you meet Ted Mosby (Josh radnor) to the mother of the children to whom he is narrating all these adventures? Take a seat and make yourself comfortable, because he will not reveal it until the end.

It is available on Netflix and Disney +

Day to day

The classic ‘sitcom’ can live in the present if it does it as well as ‘Day to Day’, which follows the lives of a family of Cuban origin settled in the United States. Three generations, from the grandmother played by the Oscar winner Rita Moreno (‘West Side Story’) to the teenage daughter exploring her sexuality (Isabella Gomez), passing through the mother with post-traumatic stress (Justina machado) who struggle to move forward in their house, who find common places on a day-to-day basis. Without forgetting the Canadian neighbor (Todd grinnell) who desperately wants to be part of the family. There is charisma, emotion and modernity.

It is available on Netflix

New Girl

Friends sharing a flat? Many laughs? Although it is located on the other side of the country, in Los Angeles, ‘New Girl’ owes a lot to ‘Friends’. And that makes it perfect for fans of the series who are looking for a new obsession with the same positive vibes. The story follows Jess (Zooey Deschanel), who has just broken up with her boyfriend and decides to share a flat with three boys in search of a different life. And between compulsive viewings of ‘Dirty Dancing’ when she is menstruating and her adorable flirtation with Nick (Jake johnson), gets it.


The most original option is found in this British series starring the actor and singer Johnny flynn (‘Emma’), which starts from a most curious premise: the protagonist is detected a sexually transmitted disease and, therefore, is forced to contact each and every one of his sexual partners in recent years to warn them . What causes this situation is a necessary review of her love life, which includes one of her best friends, Evie (Antonia thomas), and a good handful of bad decisions that now, finally, could be rectified.

It is available on Netflix

Will & Grace

Directly, what unites ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Friends’ is a titanic battle in the comedy categories of the Emmy Awards, where, after a tremendous increase in popularity, the former won the game over the latter. Anecdotes aside, the truth is that this series created by David kohan Y Max mutchnick It is also a fun ‘sitcom’, enjoyed with friends and with many love affairs. It chronicles the lives of two thirty-somethings sharing an apartment in New York, gay lawyer Will Truman (Eric McCormack) and straight designer Grace Adler (Debra Messing).

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Few of the television choral comedies are as inventive as ‘Community’, created by Dan Harmon. It was not only a quarry for stars like Donald glover, Alison brie, Gillian jacobs Y Ken jeongBut he also demonstrated a great sense of humor and an incredible ability to pose the most absurd and creative scenarios imaginable, from an episode within a video game to a paint war that becomes a model western. You’ll be hooked from Mr. Ben Chang’s first Spanish class.

Available on Netflix

Modern family

Maybe it has nothing to do with ‘Friends’, but ‘Modern family’ has everything that possibly its fans are looking for: memorable characters, funny situations, a positive and light tone … For something it has become one of the comedies most popular and successful of the last decades, something to which its eleven seasons attest. As you can see, there is plenty of material to immerse yourself in the stories of these eccentric families that from time to time use the camera as a confessional.

It’s available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and HBO

Arrested development

Another dysfunctional family? Welcome to the world of the Bluths, who are not as ‘cool’ as the group of friends from ‘Friends’, but we assure you that they will earn you more than one laugh in each episode. Created by Mitchell hurwitz, follows the misadventures of Michael Bluth (Jason bateman), a widower who wants to be a good father to his son George Michael (Michael Cera) and suddenly learns that his father George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) is involved in shady financial deals that will force him to pull the wagon on his eccentric family.

It is available on Netflix

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