10 Pokemon That Are Better For Emotional Support Than Violence

The Pokémon universe is full of trainers determined to catch and fight the fiercest Pokémon. In their adventures, Trainers often bypass the gentlest and most peaceful Pokémon in favor of those that can take on even the strongest rivals.

But who can a lone coach turn to for his emotional needs during his long journey to catch them all? Considering that many Trainers embark on their Pokémon journey at the age of 10, having supportive Pokémon to listen to can be more effective in many ways than a pure force lineup. For trainers looking for a friend rather than a fighter, there are Pokémon that are better for emotional support than violence.

10 Milotic

First introduced in Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald, Milotic has also appeared in numerous episodes of the anime. However, instead of focusing on Milotic’s impressive combat skills, the anime does an excellent job of highlighting his gentle and reassuring presence.

These Pokémon are capable of calming those around them and ending disputes, even in the middle of battles. In addition to her reassuring presence, Milotic is said to have inspired countless artists with her unmatched beauty.

9 Lillipup

A glance at a Lillipup is enough to calm the most anxious Pokémon trainers. These lovable Pokémon were first introduced to fifth-generation games and have since become a favorite with trainers and fans.

Lillipup are the perfect starter Pokémon for trainers, as they are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and obedience. As a result, Lillipups are much easier to train than most aggressive Pokémon, making them ideal for trainers just starting out.

8 Sylveon

Sylveon, one of Eevee’s many « Eeveelution » forms, can appease Trainers and other Pokémon by emitting a « calming » aura from its antennae. These Pokémon can even escape battle by diminishing their opponents’ feelings of hostility. Sylveons can also empathically read their trainer’s emotions, making them ideal support Pokémon.

In Pokémon video games, an Eevee only evolves into a Sylveon if its « affection level » reaches a certain point. In other words, Sylveons are a product of love and affection, allowing them to form a unique bond with their coaches.

7 Chansey

The Chanseys are perhaps one of the most well-known non-violent Pokémon, having worked at the Pokémon Centers alongside Nurse Joy since the series’ inception. The Chanseys made their first anime appearance in the second episode of the original series, « Pokémon Emergency. »

While fans are undoubtedly familiar with this gentle and gentle Pokémon, a lesser-known fact is that the nutritional quality of a Chansey’s eggs varies based on its breeding. Not only that, but the Chanseys will generously share their eggs with weakened or injured Pokémon, making them a valuable companion for Nurse Joy.

6 Leafeon

Like Sylveon, the Leafeon are another evolutionary form of Eevee. First introduced in Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum, Leafeons, as their name suggests, are more similar in many ways to a plant than to a standard Pokémon.

The Leafeons avoid fighting whenever possible, preferring to sleep in the sun to regain their energy rather than participate in a Pokémon battle. In addition, young Leafeons smell like fresh grass, which is a relaxing natural scent for coaches. Its calming aroma is even used to create a special perfume in some parts of Galar.

5 Meganium

Meganium, the fully evolved form of Chikorita, has the unique ability to emit calming and calming energy from its petals, which relaxes those around. And what’s even more impressive, the Meganium can also revive dead plant life with its breath.

In the Pokémon episode « Odd Pokémon Out », Nurse Joy employs a Meganium due to its remarkable regenerative powers and docile nature. These Pokémon are often portrayed as a reassuring presence among other Pokémon, and they often refuse to fight, making them perfect for emotional support.

4 Delcatty

The Delcatty’s prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible. If they sense an impending battle, they retreat to a quieter place. These nocturnal Pokémon evolve from Skitty when exposed to a Moonstone.

As a result of their evolution requirements, the Delcatty are rarely seen in the wild. In addition, those who have been seen in the wild often seem uninterested in what is happening around them. Instead, like real cats, the Delcatty prefer to mind their own business and follow their own agenda.

3 Togekiss

The Togekiss, the final evolutionary form of the Togepi, were introduced in the fourth generation of Pokémon games. In the Pokémon universe, Togekiss are considered symbols of good luck and bring blessings to Pokémon trainers around the world.

These iconic fairy-type Pokémon are extremely rare, as they do not appear in conflict situations, preferring to find quiet and peaceful places to share their messages of goodwill. Togekiss’s reassuring presence and gentle nature make it an excellent choice as an emotional support Pokémon.

2 Quiet

With a name like « Tranquill », it should come as no surprise that this Pokémon made the list. Like a carrier pigeon, Tranquills always return to their nests or trainers, making them perfect Pokémon deliverers and a great alternative to a GPS.

The Tranquills also display an extreme aversion to violence and fighting, choosing to live in remote parts of the forest, far from the turmoil of civilization. Although it is a fearsome Pokémon in its own right, Tranquills are perhaps better suited to animate from the sidelines than to engage in unwanted battle.

1 Audino

Audino, another Pokémon designed to help rather than fight, debuted in the episode « Dreams Lots! » The episode reveals that the Joys Nurses from the Unova region employ Audino as their medical assistants instead of the equally helpful Chansey.

These pacifist Pokémon can use their antennae to detect the heartbeat of another Pokémon, making them well suited to the medical field. The Audinos also have extraordinary hearing, perfect for listening to a lone coach in need of a friend or partner.