10 oddities that would be catastrophic if turned into weapons

In a world where 80% of people are born with innate superhuman abilities, some people are destined to have more dangerous or unpredictable abilities than others. And, as in all societies, there will be individuals who will try to exploit their abilities or those of others to achieve their personal goals and gain even more power through domination or total destruction.

And, in My Hero Academia, highly volatile abilities can belong to anyone from scheming adults to hapless children. With so much firepower circulating freely and relatively easy to access, it’s important to keep an eye on who poses the greatest threat.

10 Takeshi Bushijima’s poison gas forces him to emit a highly toxic mist

One of the most dangerous Quirks in the series only appears briefly in the « Team Missions » manga. Takeshi Bushijima’s Poison Gas Quirk forces him to emit a highly toxic mist that renders anyone who inhales it immediately unconscious. Imagine Mustard’s Quirk Gas without any of the limitations. Poor Takeshi is not only immune to inhaling its gases, but he becomes physically ill by retaining them inside his body. Against his will, Takeshi is a walking time bomb, forced to expel harmful gases or succumb to them himself. This makes Takeshi dangerous enough, but if he were to lose consciousness and become rebellious, his very presence would prove enormously fatal.

9 Nine’s Weather Manipulation Can Cause Natural Disasters

The villain Nine’s Quirk, the Time Manipulation, is enormously powerful, allowing him to conjure strong storms, summon lightning, and even spawn violent tornadoes. With the ability to cause as much damage as a natural disaster, Nine could easily become one of the most formidable enemies the world has ever seen. However, this much power comes at a critical cost, as the use of his Quirk causes a worsening of cell degeneration in Nine’s body. Since his body breaks down the more he uses his powers, Nine is physically unable to use them for prolonged periods or to force his Quirk to make him stronger.

8 Himiko Toga’s transformation allows her to pretend to be anyone by drinking their blood

Himiko Toga is the reason why some Quirks come with strict rules that determine how they can be used. Himiko’s Quirk of Transformation allows her to fully copy the physical appearance and characteristics of anyone, including her voice and Quirk. To activate his Quirk he has to drink his target’s blood, and the more blood he drinks, the longer he can maintain his form. Although this would probably discourage most people from using their Quirk if they ever realized they had it, the fact that Himiko actively enjoys that aspect of her ability makes it even more apparent why she shouldn’t let herself go free with it. . While not as effective as other Quirks, a single saboteur disguised as whoever he wants can do a world of damage.

7 Hitoshi Shinso’s brainwashing allows him to control the minds of others

Class 1-C student Hitoshi Shinso is sitting on a potential gold mine when it comes to devastatingly powerful Quirks. Hitoshi’s Brainwash Quirk allows him to take control of people’s minds just by speaking to them. The Quirk requires a verbal response from the target to activate, but the response need not be related to any nefarious intention for it to prevail.

In addition to his Quirk, Hitoshi acquires a support team called Artificial Vocal Chords that allows him to change his voice at will to fool his targets into believing he is someone they know. This means that, in practice, Hitoshi can take control of the minds of half a city just by saying « hello » to anyone he comes across before he realizes what he is doing.

6 Shoto Todoroki is half cold half hot, giving him the perfect balance between fire and ice

It’s hard to think that fan-favorite Hero-in-training, Shoto Todoroki, is capable of great evil, with his calm demeanor and innate sense of right and wrong. However, as his brother Toya « Dabi » Todoroki shows, the intense and downright abusive upbringing they shared with Pro-Hero father Endeavor could have sent Shoto down a very different path. Raised literally to be the ultimate heroes, the Todoroki brothers share immense pyrotechnic skills that surpass their father’s famous Quirk Hellflame. However, unlike Dabi, Todoroki has inherited the ability to handle ice from his mother, making him the family’s greatest potential threat. While it’s a universal rule that Quirks come with innate weaknesses to keep them in check, Shoto’s Quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot’s fire and ice are perfectly balanced, allowing Shoto to regulate his temperature when he overuses any of his abilities. . This balance, coupled with his natural strength, makes Shoto virtually unstoppable, as his Quirk has no natural limitation.

5 Quirk from Overhaul can disassemble and reassemble anything as he wants

Kai Chisaki is a walking disaster. His Quirk, Overhaul, allows him to completely manipulate matter, allowing him to disassemble and reassemble anything living and non-living in any way he pleases, like a sick universal puzzle. Overhaul has the raw potential and ability to do great good in the world, such as building children’s hospitals and regenerating limbs. Unfortunately, deep-seated emotional issues push Chisaki to use her power to do things like completely deconstruct humans and fuse her body with other people and objects to supercharge herself, allowing her to better inflict suffering on the world. Fortunately, a quick double amputation stopped Chisaki before he could do any more public harm, as if left unchecked, his potential for destruction is virtually unlimited.

4 Thirteen’s black hole can create a powerful vortex that sucks objects into a vacuum

The Quirk of Thirteen, Black Hole, does just what its name suggests and generates miniature singularities from the tips of its fingers. Thirteen’s ability creates a vortex that sucks any object, living or not, into a void where it is immediately atomized and swallowed by the event horizon. Luckily, Thirteen is well aware of Black Hole’s catastrophic potential and only uses it defensively in combat, being careful to use it only to create distance between opponents and not to deal damage. Thirteen is happy in her role as Support Hero and uses it primarily to discard debris, but if she felt inclined, world domination would be as simple as activating her Quirk and watching him pass.

3 Tomura Shigaraki decomposition can destroy synthetic and organic matter with one touch

Tomura Shigaraki’s Quirk, Decay, is already famous for his destructive ability, just as Tomura is famous for using him to wreak havoc. Born from the deep-seated trauma of accidentally disintegrating his entire family as a child, Tomura’s only sense of purpose comes from using his Quirk to inflict pain on others.

Since decomposition gives it the ability to destroy synthetic and organic matter with one touch, it is especially well equipped to do so. Tomura becomes especially dangerous after undergoing unspecified body modifications that enhance his abilities, making him an extremely powerful threat. If it weren’t for the combined efforts of the Pro-Heroes of Japan, Tomura’s hatred and thirst for destruction would certainly prevail.

2 Deku’s One For All has the power of all previous users

If Izuku « Deku » Midoriya’s Quirk, One for All, is the key to creating the best hero in the world, it is also the key to creating the best villain in the world. One For All’s stacking trait means that each new user who receives the Quirk also inherits the combined power of each of the heroes who have used it in the past. Since Deku is the ninth user of One For All, he has the power of eight of the strongest heroes in the world running through his body. Fighting crime is a naturally messy affair, and Midoriya already causes a considerable amount of collateral damage by using her Quirk to help others. If he, or another user of One for All, were to intentionally inflict damage, few would have the power to stop it before the number of corpses reached immeasurable heights.

1 All for one can steal and use the rarities of others

The main villain of My Hero Academia is obviously dangerous. Shigaraki’s infamous Quirk, All For One, allows him to take the Quirks of others and store them in his body to use or pass on at will. This alone makes All For One an immensely dangerous ability, but Shigaraki’s use of it is only the tip of the Quirk’s potential to spread terror in society. All For One is bad enough mixed with Shigaraki’s usual stolen abilities, but when paired with other Quirks, it becomes downright monstrous. When combined with Quirks such as Decay and Overhaul, the potential for world destruction skyrockets, turning already deadly powers into virtually unstoppable. The nature of All For One gives rise to endless combinations of Quirks that can be used for nefarious purposes, making it a vital well of evil that must desperately be contained. O well.