10 nostalgic cartoons we wish were on HBO Max

There are tons of cartoons to watch online and on cable TV. However, many would claim that many classics are missing from the HBO Max streaming service for fans of those old cartoons. Although there are many cartoons from the 90s and 2000s available to watch, such as Adventure Time and The Powerpuff Girls, some fans would quickly realize that not every beloved series is included.

For those who want to relive their childhood or even recall a cartoon that they can no longer watch, here are 10 nostalgic cartoons that should be available on HBO Max.

10 Fillmore! – A juvenile delinquent solves crimes to avoid eternal detention

While some children from the 2000s may not remember this cartoon, some certainly loved it. This cartoon aired from September 14, 2002 to January 30, 2004, and it followed Cornelius Fillmore, a 12-year-old criminal, as he solved alleged crimes by joining the Security Patrol. It was either joining or spending their entire school life in detention, and who would want to spend their days like this?

Together with his partner Ingrid Third, he travels through X High School to solve petty crimes that only minors can commit. Preteens and kids alike enjoyed it, with references to various tough cop shows and references to the ’70s. For all of you who missed the years this cartoon aired, it would be great to add it to HBO Max. It would also be a great addition to a cartoon with a black protagonist, as Static Shock is one of the few on the streaming service with a POC protagonist.

9 Winx Club – A group of college girls fight evil like magical fairies and discover themselves

Winx Club is perhaps the first magical girl cartoon for fans in the United States and around the world, as the series encompasses many elements of the genre, from magical attacks to transformations that update over time. The Italian-American series follows a group of college girls – Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna, Aisha, and occasionally Roxy – at Alfea’s College of the Fairies as they transform into fairies to fight evil.

The series has been praised for presenting strong female characters, as well as the depth of the plot and the sometimes dark undertones of certain arcs. The series would be a wonderful addition to HBO Max, especially for old fans who don’t like the Netflix adaptation Fate: The Winx Saga.

8 Invader Zim – An irk alien tries to take over the world by enrolling in a school on Earth

Invader Zim is one of the best-known American science fiction cartoons, which was once very well received by critics as one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons. Created by comic book writer and cartoonist Jhonen Vasquez, the series follows an alien from the planet Irk named Zim whose goal is world domination, a dystopian version of Earth.

Disguising himself as a human child with a skin disease, he decides to infiltrate the race and enslave all of humanity. For a cartoon, it was dark, satirical, and often had twisted jokes. However, it is still a cartoon that can be seen by both children and adults, and it would fit well in the HBO Max catalog.

7 Kim Possible – A teenage girl fights crime while juggling adolescence and a normal life

Kim Possible remains, hands down, the best spy cartoon and one of the best Disney Channel shows of all time. The series follows Kim Possible, a teenage girl who works as a spy fighting evil, all while juggling the everyday problems of teenagers. From fighting crime to worrying about stalkers, Kim also works alongside his best friend Ron Stoppable, his naked mole rat companion Rufus, and boy genius Wade.

The series appealed to both young and old audiences, and concluded with a film that closed the series in a way that most cartoons don’t have. With great characters and well-written plots, it has also stood the test of time. It would be a much-needed addition to HBO Max as it deserves to be listed as a cartoon classic.

6 Danny Phantom – A boy accidentally transforms into a half-ghost and fights supernatural forces

When it comes to the supernatural, there aren’t many cartoons that have a plot quite like Danny Phantom’s. After Danny « Daniel » Fenton decides to explore his ghost-hunting parents’ Ghost Portal for a challenge from his two best friends Samantha « Sam » Manson and Tucker Foley, he accidentally turns it on. Its DNA rearranges itself and fuses with ectoplasm and becomes a ghost medium.

With his new abilities such as flight, invisibility and control of others, he decides to fight other ghosts under the alias of Danny Phantom. The series was known for its narrative and the different story arcs of the characters. It was also the second cartoon created by Butch Harman – the creator of The Fairly Oddparents – to aired at the same time on Nickelodeon.

5 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers – A spoiled dog and an easily excitable rabbit try to survive together after being stranded.

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers was a cartoon series, but it also had an air of a sitcom for those who enjoyed it. Although it only aired from August 21, 2004 to August 25, 2006, some fans may have some memory of the star cast and the show.

The series follows the two titular characters, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers – a spoiled dog and a wacky rabbit – who get trapped in the Amazon rainforest along with other animals. Although they don’t get along at first, they become friends as they spend time together with and with other animals.

4 Totally spies! – Three totally different teens work together as secret agents

Totally Spies is a highly acclaimed cartoon, and for good reason. This French-Canadian cartoon was Kim Possible before it was created for the Disney Channel for just one year.

The series follows three teenagers from Beverly Hills – Samantha « Sam », Alexandria « Alex » and Clover – as they work as spies for the World Organization for Human Protection. They work with Jerry, the founder of the WOOHP and supervisor of the girls, and solve various crimes with different gadgets and each of their specialties: leadership, intelligence and fashion.

3 The Proud Family – A young woman tries to live her best life with her only family and best friends

The Proud family is not only a cartoon with a predominantly black cast, it also focuses on the life of a black family leading a normal family life, something that is rarely prioritized in cartoons. Penny Proud is a young woman who listens well to her parents, but who has problems with peer pressure. The series chronicles the life of Penny and her family, as well as dealing with the family and her adolescence.

Along with her father, Oscar, CEO of a snack business, her mother, Trudy, a veterinarian, her cheeky grandmother Suga Mama, and her twin brothers who always get in trouble, the series is sure to draw fans of the series to HBO Max.

2 My life as a teenage robot – A robot girl wishes to live as a normal teenage girl with a metal body

All Jenny Wakeman wants is a normal life. However, her mother, Dr. Nora Wakeman – the researcher who created her to be the best robot in the world and named her XJ-9 – has made her protector of the Earth against foreign and national dangers.

The series chronicles Jenny’s wishes to be treated like a normal girl, without the screws and the metal body. She befriends two brothers and next door neighbors, Brad and Tuck Carbukle, and frequently goes on adventures with the two to see how « normal teenagers » live their lives.

1 The Wonderful Misadventures of Flapjack – A young man who goes to discover Candy Island with a moody captain and his mother-figure whale

The Wonderful Misadventures of Fl apjack has a quirky name for a witty cartoon. The series follows a young man named Flapjack who lives inside the mouth of a whale, Bubbie, and in the ocean.

After meeting a pirate named Captain K’nuckles and being told about a vast place made of sweets, Candy Island, he decides to go find her with him and collect clues around Stormalong harbor. Although Bubbie – a mother figure to Flapjack – thinks he’s too dangerous, he takes care of both of them and takes them to various places.