10 names for gray cats that you cannot miss

Choosing the name of your pet is something that you have to think about well and it is that it is the name that will accompany him throughout his life and even define him, especially if it has to do with his personality or way of being, his physical characteristics … Of course, naming an animal is not something immovable, but it is convenient that when it is learned, you do not change it. For this reason, do not make the decision hastily, wait a while to meet him, look for original names and have the approval of the rest of the people with whom the cat is going to live.

Names for cats there are many, many! Some borrow the name of famous music groups, singers, actors, painters and, of course, characters from cartoons, books, series and movies. There are also those that allude to their physical characteristics, such as Spots, Oreo, Pearl … or way of being, such as Grumpy (grumpy in English).

Choose the name you choose, we recommend that this be easy to pronounce and memorize. Better a short name, to facilitate the animal’s task. There must also be consensus at home so that in the end some do not end up calling him with the official name and others with another, with the consequent dizziness for the pet. In this sense and even if you are tempted to do it, especially in the first months of life, it is better do not use diminutives of his name so as not to complicate learning, nor other words to refer to him. The learning phase is very important. You can get him used to his name by doing small training sessions, and use positive reinforcement, with a cookie or something healthy to eat that he likes, when he responds to his name. However, you shouldn’t tire him out either, as that can backfire.

It is important that the name you give your cat does not resemble certain commands that you are surely going to teach him, such as “No”, “Out”, “Quiet”, etc. Otherwise, it may create confusion.

Is your cat gray? Next, we leave you 10 ideas for both females and males so that you can choose their name related to the color of their hair. Which one do you prefer?

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