10 legendary bands and artists that only Corona Capital could bring

Thanks to Crown Capital we have been able to witness all kinds of artists: some emerging, others coming for the first time, bands with a long history and, of course, legendary groups. There is nothing like enjoying a great musical offer at a good festival.

And if there is something that we love about a festive day like that, it is schedule our tour so that we can see all those idols, one after another and between stages, saving the best for last. Because the evening is worth it and the headliners await us impetuous to give them our last breath of the day.

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We insist: nothing like a festival to see the greatest. That is why here we recapitulate some legendary groups and artists – it is worth dreaming – that only Corona Capital could bring to a festival in Mexico (and that we would like them to top the bill). Put chonguitos to see if one of those is armed.


We started strong and surely more than one of you readers will think “Mmm! Impossible”. We know that brothers Gallagher they would hardly put their pride aside and that, on the contrary, they would rather come on their own with their solo projects.

But just imagine it for a second: they closing on Sunday, casting a setlist of more than two hours with songs like “Slide Away”, “Champagne Supernova” or whatever you like. There is no doubt that this would be one of the best experiences in the history of Corona Capital. I wish (aha, yeah) let the little brothers think about it.

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While Radiohead has come to Mexico on several occasions As part of their tours, it is undeniable that they would fit perfectly as headliners for Crown Capital sometime. On more than one occasion it was speculated whether Thom yorke could come alone.

So far it has not happened, but it would not be unreasonable if at some point these legendary Englishmen resume touring -if the coronavirus ever goes down- and come to make us melancholic but happy with your music. Can you imagine listening “Paranoid Android” live in a CC? What would it be!

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Daft punk

Crown Capital It has been characterized over 10 editions by its wide versatility in terms of musical genres. On the stage of the festival we have seen parade of greats of electronic music like Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brother. That is why we believe that Daft Punk deserves a spot in DC sometime.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo they would be an incredible past at the festival, without a doubt. And not just because his set would include his biggest hits like “Get Luky ”,“ One More Time ”or“ Technologic ”, but we would also listen live some of his coolest collaborations like “Starboy” or “Instant Crush” with The Weeknd and Julian Casablancas respectively (obvious without them on stage).

Daft Punk. Photo: .

The Smiths

Another guajiro dream that we are driving around here with The Smiths. Although it seems frankly impossible for thousands of factors, we are convinced that Morrissey and company would be perfect headlining a festival lineup.

We have already had legendary English bands like New Order or Damon Albarn himself stepping on the festival stage. If the members of The Smiths -especially Morrissey and Johnny Marr– will venture to the meeting, the Corona Capital organizers should go for them. Already minimal to either of them separately no?

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Red hot chili peppers

Yes, we know that they have also come on tour alone. But the vibes of a festival and a solo concert are not the same. Red hot chili peppers it would be the perfect cherry on the cake for some edition of Crown Capital without thinking twice.

His mere presence would be enough for all of him toAttendees will flock to the stage at night. And not only that: even if we were all tired from the hustle and bustle of the previous hours, Anthony Kiedis and company they would get energy out of nowhere with themes like “Give It Away”, “Suck My Kiss” or “By The Way”. A total party.

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Pulp is another legendary britpop band that we’d love to see on Crown Capital. And is that if we remember a little, the festival has already had a little bit of that English musical movement with the presentations of Damon Albarn (taking out some Blur songs from the repertoire) Suede.

But nevertheless, Pulp would be something different and an experience like no other. Who wouldn’t want to hear “Common People” and vibrate with the energy and power of that song. The experience together Jarvis Cocker and the Pulp Boys would definitely be framed.

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Pulp receiving his Mercury Prize for ‘Different Class’ in 1996 / Photo: .


The history of the music of the new millennium nor it would be understood the same way without the incursion of Eminem and all his irreverence. Although he has never been to Mexico, it is clear that the rapper has a strong fan base in the country and you cannot deny it: we all know a song by The Real Slim Shady.

Yes we know that Crown Capital It is not exactly a festival that stands out for inviting so many urban artists -although MIA, Santigold and Die Antwoord have been in past editions. However, if there was a festival capable of convincing Marshall Mathers, that would be Corona Capital without a doubt. In addition, it would be a milestone to have it (we repeat: it is worth dreaming).

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No doubt

Great exponents of the music of the 90s have stepped on the stages of Corona Capital and boy have they delivered recitals full of energy for those nostalgic of that time and the new generations. Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails and Green Day have been some of the 90s exponents who have triumphed at the festival, so there is no doubt that No doubt would do it too.

The band had a tour planned with everything and Gwen Stefani to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her album Tragic Kingdom (released October ’95) and, we can say, maybe Crown Capital It would have been a good stop for the band. I want to hear “Spiderwebs” or “Don’t Speak” live you should.

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Did you know that the last concert of REM prior to their separation in 2011 was it in Mexico City? So is. The band commanded by Michael Stipe and Peter Buck gave their last recital on November 18, 2008 at National Auditorium before saying goodbye a few years later.

Therefore, it would be a special and incredible occasion for the band to go back to its old ways and what better setting than Corona Capital in our country for a hypothetical reunion. Just imagine how they would sound “The One I Love” or “Losing My Religion” in the middle of the night he gets the Chinese skin.

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The Verve

We already had the good Richard Ashcroft at Corona Capital 2015 edition and his presentation was a resounding success. So it would be nothing strange that an eventual and possible meeting with The Verve will arrive at the same festival with the same expectations.

Wow, the group already owns the rights to “Bitter Sweet Symphony” that The Rolling Stones took from them years ago, so it is time to get the batteries to come and delight Mexicans with that and other successes such as “Slide Away”. It would be a divine nineties britpopera evening if they tried, wouldn’t you think?

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