The NBA has provided us in recent years with more than one game to remember, either in the regular season or in the playoffs. With the mandatory quarantine that applies in almost all the world and with the slogan of staying at home, we will take the opportunity to review some of the best games ever to revive on YouTube.

Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs, 2004

The game that made Tracy McGrady a legend can be fully watched on YouTube. T-Mac deserved to win a ring and some individual prize during his prime, but his exhibition before San Antonio including the end of the novel is unmissable.

Detroit Pistons vs Chicago Bulls, 1990

The Bad Boys were returning to the Eastern Finals to face Michael Jordan and his Bulls, booming with the Jordan Rules and hard play. A true basketball show of the late 80’s, with an Isiah Thomas unleashed and an incredible Dennis Rodman.

Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers, 1995

The Suns of MVP Charles Barkley faced the Drexler Blazers in one of so many battles of these teams in search of the ring that none fell. However, Barkley’s exhibition playing 46 minutes in this match deserves a review.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Toronto Raptors, 2006

Yes, it is Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game and he doesn’t have much more to add. We miss Kobe a lot and his best solo exhibition ever against the Chris Bosh Raptors deserves to be seen again.

New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Lakers, 1970

One from when the Knicks were very good. So good that they played the seventh game of the Finals at Madison and against the Lakers. The famous match where Willis Reed played only to inspire his teammates and scare Wilt Chamberlain. We don’t want to spoil much, but it worked.

Indiana Pacers vs New York Knicks, 1994

Reggie Miller was very angry because Spike Lee always applied trash talk to him. Then, after scoring eight points in nine seconds in Game 1 of this playoff series, in Game 5 he dispatched with one of the best games of his career, scoring 39 points including a final abysmal fourth.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia 76ers, 2001

At the time, the best player in the world was Allen Iverson. The Answer with a limited team stood in the NBA Finals against the Lakers of Kobe and Shaq, in a game that is a delight in the eyes and a great plan to pass the time. A real great match with several of the best players of all time.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Los Angeles Lakers, 1980

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was injured in the fifth game of the Finals of the 80, reason why in the sixth game the Lakers had to look for an alternative. So Earvin “Magic” Johnson started that game playing center. The rest is history and good.

Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz, 1997

The best thing I would describe to this game is simply saying “The flu game”. Perhaps the best match of Michael Jordan’s career. But it is also the clash of two teams in a duel for history. And as Larry Bird once described it, “God disguised himself as Michael Jordan.”

Boston Celtics vs Phoenix Suns, 1976

Everything we can hope for in a Finals match happened here. Three extensions, a lot of clutch and the clash between the Celtics’ legacy against Suns that would be close to a miracle in that series. Perhaps the best game in the history of the NBA Finals, when it comes to emotion.