10 fun facts about Margot Robbie that you may not know

10 curious facts about Margot Robbie that maybe you did not know (EFE)

10 fun facts about Margot Robbie that you may not know | .

On this occasion we will present you some curious facts about the beautiful actress Margot robbie who will star in the new action adventure movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, because you may not know more than one.

Margot Robbie, is a renowned Australian actress who throughout her artistic career has captivated the world with her various roles in films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Legend of Tarzan and I, Tonya, and now she will do so in the new film Pirates of the Caribbean film, a new project led by the actress.

Also, Robbie is currently a fashion icon for his tomboy style and, in addition, he has managed to woo the public with his incredible personality and sense of humor.

Since her debut on the big screen, Margot has been known to place herself among the most acclaimed and recognized actresses in Hollywood in her 30s, to the point of garnering nominations for great awards such as the Academy Awards in 2018 and the BAFTAs.

So now so you know a little more about the beautiful Margot robbie, here we leave you some important information that you probably did not know.


Grew up on a farm

That’s right, although it’s hard to believe, the truth is that she spent her childhood on her grandparents’ farm, along with her three brothers and her mother, in Australia, something that perhaps helped her to have the great personality she has today in day and how much his millions of followers love.


Worker since she was little

At 16 years of age, Margot had already worked in a bar, in a Subway preparing sandwiches and also cleaning houses, this, to help the family finances and to pay for her studies, something that surely helped her achieve what she is. today, a girl extremely dedicated to her work.


She made her acting debut in her hometown in the 90s

He started in show business with several independent Australian films and the soap opera “Neighbors” towards the end of the 1990s; It was after 2011 that he began to gain notoriety in the United States with works such as Pan AM and El Lobo de Wall Street.


He likes surfing

Because she grew up on the Australian coast, one of the beautiful actress’s favorite hobbies is surfing, as well as riding a motorcycle and hunting wild boar, activities that are part of the culture of the place where she was born.



From the age of eight he learned to do stunts on the trapeze and when he accepted the role of Harley Quinn in the movie “Suicide Squad”, he used this learning to certify himself and perform the scenes in which the trapeze was the main element.


His arrival in Hollywood

Her first Hollywood movie appearance was in “About Time”, featuring industry greats such as Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson; and from there it captivated everyone with its beauty.


Favorite decade

Margot’s favorite decade is the 1960s, which is why she enjoyed her role in the “Pan Am” series.

The actress has spoken on multiple occasions about her fascination with fashion, politics, ideals and the different social movements of that time.



For the scene where she seduces DiCaprio in the “Wolf of Wall Street” movie, Margot was the one who insisted that it should be shot without clothes to give it more credibility.

It is worth mentioning that this generated an offer from Hugh Hefner to appear in his famous bunny magazine, however, she rejected it.


Don’t eat healthy

The actress maintains her impact figure with permissive diets that include fries, beers and hamburgers, however, she reduces the negative effects of this high-fat meal with carrot-based dishes for more than three days.


Harley quinn

There was no casting for this role, since from the outset the director chose Margot to play him.

However, despite having successfully portrayed this anti-hero in Suicide Squad, her character’s personality is not compatible with Margot’s, so she felt anxious during the filming and after the premiere.

In fact, her role as Harley Quinn was the most searched term on Google in 2016 for Halloween costume.