10 free PowerPoint templates to show off your photos in style

When we want to show photographs, the first thing that comes to mind is to do it through a video or with Photoshop. However, we are going to show you Best Free PowerPoint Templates to Showcase Your Photos in Style.

PowerPoint has a huge number of totally free templates so you can display your photos in a highly original way, ideal for any kind of meeting. Nobody will miss any photos and surely, these templates will be useful on more than one occasion.

Top 10 PowerPoint templates to present photos

Therefore, we are going to see ten very original and stylish templates so that you can display all the photos you want with PowerPoint in a very special way.

Best PowerPoint Templates for Minimalist Photo PresentationBest PowerPoint Templates for Minimalist Photo Presentation

Minimalist style with Classic Photo Album PowerPoint

This template is ideal for creating a personal portfolio. It is designed to show black and white photos, since it is limited to only 2 colors. At the same time, the minimalist design will not attract too much attention, getting viewers to focus on the images.

You can customize the template by adding colors, changing the background of the theme, the alignment of the thumbnails, etc.

Baby Photo Album PowerPoint TemplateBaby Photo Album PowerPoint Template

Baby photo album template for PowerPoint

The template allows us to create a PowerPoint slide show to show all the beautiful photos of our baby. You can use a large number of images per slide and add associated comments.

Wedding PowerPoint templateWedding PowerPoint template

Wedding photo presentation in PowerPoint

Elegant Wedding Photo Album is a collection that has 17 slides that have various designs. It is a subtle collage of photos where we can add up to 5 wedding photos to share.

PowerPoint template for birthdays of any agePowerPoint template for birthdays of any age

Birthday Photo Album, PowerPoint birthday template

On many occasions, collages are used to make birthday photo albums. With this PowerPoint template for birthday photos you can do just this. Even the template itself has several tutorials to help you edit it in case you don’t know too much about PowerPoint.

Biography Presentation PowerPoint Template Biography Presentation PowerPoint Template

Biographical PowerPoint template

In this case the template is to present biographies of celebrities or different people. The template is carefully designed to provide different spaces for photos and biographical information. You can use each of the slides to focus on each aspect of the protagonist.

Travel template to remember good times with styleTravel template to remember good times with style

Travel template

This incredible travel PowerPoint template has the ability to add 8 slides. However, you may need a few more if you travel a lot. You can add as many as you want.

Create a photo album of different parties in PowerPointCreate a photo album of different parties in PowerPoint

Party PowerPoint Photo Album

Obviously, a happy party can bring a lot of memories and unforgettable moments. Ideally, we capture them in photographs to immortalize them. How do we show them? With this high quality PowerPoint template where we can make different photo collages full of striking and vibrant colors.

Template to remember a person who is no longer with usTemplate to remember a person who is no longer with us

Souvenir PowerPoint template

A template with a nostalgic touch that is ideal to commemorate someone who is no longer with us. It has 8 slides and is designed to add different images. It has relatively sad colors, but with a very special touch.

Family template for photos with our loved onesFamily template for photos with our loved ones

Photo album to remember a family reunion

Although it seems quite strange, this presentation is to remind our families that we will soon have to meet. Whether for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Editing the theme is quite easy, you can add 5 slides. However, it is quite easy to add more.

How to create a photo book with PowerPointHow to create a photo book with PowerPoint

Create a beautiful photo book

Ideal for creating a picture book, with this elegant PowerPoint template you can create it quickly without trying too hard. Everything is perfectly organized in a very careful theme. You can reuse it for any kind of photography.

You can download all these templates and many others from the official Office templates website.

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