10 Digi-Destiny Who Deserve Better Digimon

Digimon’s Digi-Destinations have gone through many adventures since their inception in 1998. With the reboot of the Digimon Adventure 2020 series, there have already been some changes to the series, including the inclusion of multiple new forms; the early inclusion of Pegasusmon; and a new anime evolution for Agumon in BlitzGreymon.

Since these Digimon are changing, it’s an opportunity to look back and see what other changes could be made for the better. From better digivolutions to better companions, there are a ton of changes that could be made to Digi-Destiny’s companion Digimon and perhaps some of these changes will make it to the reboot.

10 Kari (02) Had Gatomon but deserved Salamon

When TK and Kari returned in Digimon Adventure 02, the stakes were high as returning Digi-Destined. As the story was basically starting from scratch for the new guys, it was the perfect time for Gatomon to go back to being Salamon, the rookie form who was denied time in Adventure.

Instead, what fans got was a criminally underrated, Champion-level Gatomon, which made no sense given the context of Adventure 02’s overall storyline. This wouldn’t be the last time Kari deserved better, but it started a trend for her character.

9 Ai and Mako had Impmon but deserved 2 PetitMamon

Ai and Mako are a pair of twins who assisted Impmon in his quest to become a stronger Digimon, even though they are both only 4 years old. As the series progressed, it seemed like anyone could get a Digimon partner, including Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri. Although it was important for Impmon to learn compassion and love, he doesn’t fit in like his Digimon.

A Digimon often seen in pairs – like Pal and Pul from Digimon Adventure V-Tamer – PetitMamon fills in both the cuteness factor and the devilish nature that Impmon exudes without needing to be the central focus. Also, there would be a pair for each child instead of them sharing one.

8 Marcus had Agumon (2006) but he deserved any Digimon that wasn’t Agumon

Perhaps one of the most underrated series in the franchise, Data Squad combined plot points from the previous four series to generate its story, including the government forces (like Tamers) and the human combatant (like Frontier).

The most flagrant copy of the past seasons was the reuse of Agumon alongside Marcus, the head of glasses, who was not wearing glasses. Since fans assumed this was going to be a rehash of Adventure, they opted to skip the season in its entirety. With any other Digimon, like Bearmon or Dorumon, to replace Agumon, there could have been an opportunity for the series.

7 Yolei had Halsemon but she deserved Flybeemon

Being the girl introduced in Adventure 02, Yolei had to play the roles of Mimi and Sora, even though every part of her character screamed something else. She is given the Digi-Egg of Love immediately, which makes sense exclusively because she is a female character.

Cody and Yolei’s Digi-Eggs should have been swapped from the start. Cody was passionate and would have easily fit the crest of Love, while Yolei, who loves computers and learning, should have had the Digi-Egg of Knowledge. With that Digi-Egg, Hawkmon could digivolve into Flybeemon.

6 Joe had Vikemon but he deserved Plesiomon

Joe Kido, the future doctor and oldest member of the Digi-Destiny of Adventure, has had a historical relationship with Gomamon. From not believing Digimon were real to blatantly ignoring Gomamon for a long time at El Tri, Joe didn’t seem to deserve his partner, but in the end, they proved their love for each other.

When the Tri Teens received their Mega Evolutions, there was a debate among fans about Gomamon’s final evolution. Although he turned out to be Vikemon, Plesiomon makes more sense to Gomamon, the self-styled protector of the seas.

5 Yoshi had Rosemon but he deserved Lotosmon

Another member of the Data Squad who was affected by nostalgia for Adventure. His partner Lalamon gets two original forms – Lalamon and Sunflomon – and then a redesign of Lilymon known as Lilamon. Although this was before Mimi received her Mega Evolution, fans latched onto Rosemon as the end of Palmon’s canonical line, which would later come true on Tri.

The unfortunate truth is that Lilamon was designed to be a comparison to Lilymon and had a mega evolution created for him called Lotosmon. Staying in that vein, the series could have had its own impact instead of leaning on Adventure’s legacy.

4 Meiko had Meicoomon but she deserved Mikemon

Meiko was a Digi-Destined introduced as Tri’s main character, and ultimately the catalyst for the events of the series through her Digimon, Meicoomon. Apart from having almost the same name, Meicoomon doesn’t spend much time with Meiko due to her infection.

While Meicoomon was created for Tri, it didn’t have to be, as it could have been replaced by another Digimon, Mikemon, who already had an established presence in the Digimon world. Even the theme of similar names would remain, but easier to differentiate.

3 Kari (Tri) had Ophanimon but deserved LovelyAngemon

Kari and Gatomon’s megadigivolution has always been at the fore of the Digimon debate thanks to the Magnadramon scene in Digimon: The Movie. It is now widely accepted, especially thanks to Tri, that Ophanimon is the « true » mega digivolution of Gatomon Adventure. That was until recently, when they released the new Digimon, LovelyAngemon.

Reaching small screens around the world in Digimon: ReArise, LovelyAngemon has made the debate about the true mega of Gatomon difficult. LovelyAngemon also has the advantage of being an immediate fan favorite due to its in-game design and personality.

2 Ken had Stingmon but deserved Bucchiemon

Although it made sense from a story point of view, it was a shame Adventure 02 removed Digi-Eggs as digivolution methods after Ken joined the team. As stated in the series, his shield is the Shield of Kindness, which would spawn the Digi-Egg himself. When Wormmon is exposed to the Digi-Egg of Goodness, he digivolves into Bucchiemon

Stingmon is, of course, one of the fan-favorite Digimon, and he even got his own Digivolution line long after the series ended, but the series definitely missed having Bucchiemon as part of the main cast, even for a while. single episode.

1 Ryo had Monodramon but deserved Ryudamon

Ryo is perhaps the most « technically » important character in Digimon, having participated in the Adventure, Adventure 02, Tri, and Tamers timelines. In the Adventure timeline, he and Ken stopped Milleniumon, which ended up setting the events of Tri. In the Tamers timeline, he is a national card champion and Rika’s rival, assisting the Tamers in their final battle against the D-Reaper.

His story could be directly tied to Monodramon, but it could have been an interesting change to have paired him with Ryudamon, ending the line with Ouryumon.