10 comic characters who developed a form of energy

There can be many evolutions of a comic book character’s powers as they develop and grow over the years, with a common update shared across a number of comic book companies like Marvel and DC being the almighty form of energy. , which usually means an incredible growth in power that cannot be contained by the normal human form.

In some cases, the new form of energy can be accompanied by incredible abilities that drastically alter the original character or can even transform him into potentially dangerous weapons of mass destruction, something that we will explore today by exploring some comic book characters who have developed a powerful form of energy over the years.

10 Captain Marvel can harness cosmic energy as binary

Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel’s origins and abilities have changed as many times as her superhero name over the years, though one of her biggest updates came when the character joined the X-Men on a mission in the space and came across a Brood experiment.

The parasitic aliens unknowingly unlocked Carol’s true potential when she began to draw energy from a powerful white hole, transforming her into her fiery energy form and giving her its codename Binary. Although it lost its powerful connection to the white hole, it can still unlock its binary form if it absorbs enough energy.

9 Klaw transformed into a being made of pure sound

Ulysses Klaw was a physicist who created a powerful Wakanda Vibranium-powered sonic converter that could generate solid energy constructs from sound waves, though he attempted to steal the Vibranium, resulting in the death of King T’Chaka and a constant feud with Black Panther.

After building a larger version of his sonic device, Klaw transformed into a being of pure sound who has become practically immortal and incredibly powerful, although he also developed a weakness to Vibranium that destabilizes his energy form.

8 Black Lightning revealed a new form of energy in the future state

DC’s Future State event has showcased some possible futures in the run-up to Infinite Frontier’s relaunch, and members of the Outsiders were explored in the pages of The Next Batman, where Jefferson Peirce / Black Lightning revealed their future energy form.

Although the details of their transformation were not revealed, it was hinted that a curse of dark magic was responsible for their new form of energy, which joined Duke Thomas / The Signal and they became a new and deadly dynamic duo for the future. Gotham city

7 Proteus’ levels of psionic power burned his body

Kevin MacTaggart is the mutant son of Moira MacTaggert / Moira Kinross / Moira X, whose incredible reality-warping abilities turned out to be too powerful for his body to contain, and when he burned his human body, his psionic energy form Proteus was revealed.

Like Proteus, he is capable of possessing the bodies of others, though he also burns them quickly and can be eliminated from bodies due to his weakness for metal. The X-Men only found a solution to Proteus’s body problem during the Krakoa era, as they are able to provide him with an empty shell using the new resurrection protocols so that he no longer has to possess sentient beings.

6 The living lightning was transformed into a being of living energy

The Avenger known as Living Lightning was originally Miguel Santos, who transformed into a living energy being after breaking into the headquarters of an extremist organization and accidentally turning on one of their experimental machines.

As a Living Lightning, Santos is a sensitive form of electricity that grants him a number of powerful abilities, though he is forced to wear a specially designed containment suit to regain his human form.

5 Jolt acquired a new form of energy after being killed

Hallie Takahama was orphaned during Onslaught’s takeover of Manhattan, making her and other reunited orphans the target of Arnim Zola, who kidnapped them so he could use them as test subjects for his devious genetic experiments. Hallie acquired powerful new abilities as Jolt that helped her become a member of the original Thunderbolts.

Unfortunately, Hallie was shot and killed by the Scourge, although her body continued to change until she was brought back to life in a new form of electrical energy that provided her with powerful new abilities, although her physical body was paralyzed by the trauma she suffered during her life. death.

4 Flash ran too fast and turned into pure kinetic energy

Wally West / The Flash is generally regarded as the fastest man alive, which is a great claim when talking about other DC speedsters like Barry Allen, although Wally proved it when he ran beyond his limits during the « Terminal » storyline. Velocity « and began an amazing new transformation.

Fearing a prophetic vision he experienced during Zero Hour, Wally pushed himself faster than he had ever gone before and his body began to transform into pure kinetic energy, ultimately resulting in his discovery of the Speed ​​Force. and his return to his human form with a new understanding of his abilities.

3 Wonder Man and other ionic beings have unstable forms of energy

There have been quite a few characters in the Marvel universe who got their ionic powers thanks to a powerful machine originally created by Baron Zemo, although Simon Willaims / Wonder Man is probably the best known, and one of the most powerful.

Wonder Man’s death triggered a series of rebirths, eventually returning in a new form of ionic energy that provided him with enhanced abilities and made him virtually immortal. Like-minded characters like Atlas of the Thunderbolts and Count Nefaria have also evolved into energy forms with additional experimentation, though the process is unstable and potentially explosive.

2 The spectrum can be transformed into different forms of energy

Monica Rambeau began her superhero career as the second Captain Marvel before going through a series of names until she reached that of Specter, which refers to her powerful ability to manipulate, generate and transform into any type of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Spectrum’s various forms of energy provide it with a wide range of abilities that can change depending on the type of energy, including traveling at the speed of light or adjusting its wavelength to pass through solid objects or other forms of energy. Additionally, Spectrum is virtually immortal thanks to the unique rejuvenating nature of its powers.

1 Superman’s powers made him the Power Man

Clark Kent / Superman went through a strange change in the 90s after his powers were altered after a confrontation with a Kandorian wizard (seriously) that ended up causing his body to transform into energy that gave rise to a new and elegant containment suit to maintain cohesion.

His powers were greatly affected by the transformation, and he was able to transform back into Clark Kent, but at the cost of any of his additional new abilities. Superman’s energy form was then divided into separate red and blue versions with different personalities that eventually combined again to return Superman to his usual Kryptonian form.