It is strange to think that there are music lovers who are not familiar with Beck’s work. Beck Hansen has been on the music scene since 1993 And it has an impressive catalog that is broken down into 14 studio albums, film scores, and endless spectacular collaborations.

However, and it is important to mention, the 50-year-old Californian had an unofficial break from 2008 to 2014. As far as millennials are concerned, that’s a gap big enough that you never feel the charm of digging into their discography.


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Beck’s creativity and versatility

In these 29 years of career, Beck has amazed the world with his endless creativity and ease of movement between genres and styles.. For example, everyone who has followed his career since the 90’s was surprised to see him return in the Morning Phase of 2014 with songs that approach rap and an acceptance with videos of more than 60 million views.

Understanding it is not a matter of listening to your new singles. It is a process that takes time because you strive to try new styles. There are funk-rooted cuts, songs that lean towards anti-folk, a lot of indie, approaches to electronic music and commercial pop. He changes things not only for his listeners, but for himself. Always aware that music trends are worth following and challenging.


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Their catalog shows the genius of someone who can sing, dance and play the guitar better than many. Beck is the perfect example of a musician who raises his standards for himself. He is someone who through the years has known how to stay relevant through reinventing his methods, live shows and is always creative in the face of the evolution of musical trends.

With a spectacular career on his shoulders and dozens of memorable songs, we decided to choose 10 songs that can somehow explain who Beck is. Where has your life gone and therefore its sound. So without much more presentation we leave you this beautiful musical list.

10 Beck songs that will make you know his incredible versatility “Where It’s At”

“Where It’s At” it just goes into any list of the best of Beck. Here we have him steeped in confidence, spinning and driving his way in ’70s musical style. Impossible not to love the wonderfully slow guitar riff, which might be enough to invite you to hear all that his music has to offer. This song also included the most accurate description of his own music ever spoken: “Jig-saw jazz and the update flow”.

See YouTube “Guess I’m Doing Fine”

For many, the power of the heartbreaking confessions of Sea change It has made it Beck’s most unique album. The song “Guess I’m Doing Fine” it is itself a dark narrative of loss, revealing how self-deception can be its own tragedy. “Now I said goodbye to a friend, I can do as I please,” says Beck in her attempts to minimize her breakup with fiancé Leigh Limon.

See YouTube “Loser”

Let’s be honest, “Looser” was your introduction to Beck. And rest assured that this is not a bad thing at all, just the opposite: it is a suitable initiation for Beck’s multiple universe, which contains, as it does, most of the elements necessary to understand his unique music. It has lyrics with little meaning, some beats that would soon be his hallmark, an affinity for blues guitar textures and some low-fi.

The song begins with one of the most immortal lines in history: “In the chimpanzee era, I was a monkey”. The rest is history.

Watch YouTube “Lost Cause”

Lost Cause You can not miss. Simply this song is the embodiment of self-expression manifested as great art. This song of heartbreak and resignation is one of the best moments of Sea Change and a highlight of Beck’s discography. Even the typically meticulous production of Nigel Godrich it serves the song with all its purposes.

See YouTube “Dreams”

After his unexpected Grammy win thanks to the Morning Phase, Beck entered the upbeat funk and dance mode for “Dreams.” Just as this song sounds, full of ascending vibe and good energy, Colors would come to see a facet of Beck driven by rhythm.

It’s hard to hear “Dreams” and not wanting to imitate some of their epic dance steps and let the body move on its own. “I was really trying to do something that was good to play live,” Beck said of the song. And boy did he succeed.

See YouTube “E-Pro”

After Sea Change’s downtempo tunes, Beck returned to rock and hip-hop mode with Guero and “E-Pro”. If you were looking for some guitar and Beck’s best riffs, you came to the right place.

With a thunderous guitar line, strong drum beat (taken from The Beastie Boys’ “So What’Cha Want”), “E-Pro” is the perfect example that Beck moves wherever he wants and makes it perfect. You can’t help but imagine that Beck wrote this particular song to perform it live… Check this out:

See YouTube “Novacane”

Like “Where It’s At”, “Novacane” is another Odelay song It must be mentioned in any list of its best material. With drums sampled from Lee Michael’s 1969 hit “Don’t Don’t No Woman”, mindless rap and a harmonic collapse that exists only for him to understand, “Novacane” has it all. Also, reveal your best dance moves by doing this live.

See YouTube “Wow”

Colors was the album with which Beck He told the world that freshness and modernity are not alien to the forties. He took all the trending funk, trap, rap and pop and made it his. “Wow” is the perfect example of adaptability and genius. Only because it has her name can you know that it is her. If you are going to appropriate a genre, you must do it like Beck or better. How about that rule?

See YouTube “Lonesome Tears”

Sea Change is an album composed almost exclusively of ballads of loss, longing and regret, but Lonesome Tears It may be the darkest and most devastating song. “Lonesome Tears” is a great testament to the indestructible echoes of emotional pain, a sentiment reflected in every note and every verse.

See YouTube “Uneventful Days”

As proof that time passes but not his genius, Beck ventured one of his greatest jewels on his latest album Hyperspace. “Uneventfull Days” combines everything Californian has done for decades with a smooth inclusion to electronics. He continues to use hip hop percussions but his voice gives it a pop touch without trying to be commercial. Something that not everyone can achieve. A true gem that an emerging artist could be making.

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