10 Avatar Characters Naruto Could Easily Destroy

Although Avatar: The Last Airbender aired on Nickelodeon, it was by no means a regular children’s show. The series followed Aang, the new Avatar who had to master the four elements to defeat the Fire Lord, but the story is much more complex than that because it deals with adult themes such as war, genocide, imperialism, totalitarianism and freedom. choice.

Naruto is one of the most successful anime franchises in the world, and it centers on a young ninja who wants to become the leader of his village. By the end of the series, Naruto gains so much power that he is basically a god. If Naruto were ever to find himself in the Avatar universe, he would be in awe of those who are capable of bending the elements, but if he were to fight any established character, he would most likely destroy most of them with ease.

10 Sokka does not bend and Naruto would not be defeated by simple weapons

Masters are arguably the strongest fighters in the Avatar series, but Sokka has shown that even non-masters can be good fighters. While training to become a soldier, Sokka learned to use various weapons – including his trusty boomerang – but he also became an expert swordsman by the end of the series.

Naruto is essentially a ninja god, which means that it would be very difficult for Sokka to strike a blow with his boomerang. And even if he did hit, he wouldn’t be able to knock Naruto out. Sokka could attempt to attack with his sword, but the blade would never get through Naruto’s Kurama mode, and it wouldn’t offer any protection against a Rasenshuriken.

9 Azula’s most effective weapon is lightning and it is completely countered by Naruto’s wind-style jutsu

Azula proved to be evil on several occasions, but apart from being a sadistic and manipulative character, she was a fire-bending prodigy. Azula is without a doubt one of the strongest firebenders in the franchise, mostly because of her general ability, but also because she was capable of using lightning.

Lightning is actually Azula’s trump card, and it can do a lot of damage to Naruto if it reaches it, but his Wind Release is a natural counter to Lightning, and he can completely nullify it with his Rasengan or Rasenshuriken. He can also counter her flexing by attacking her from all sides with his multi-shadow clone jutsu.

8 Ty Lee can be taken down with a few shadow clones of Naruto and a single Rasengan

Ty Lee is the daughter of a Fire Nation nobleman, and she provided fans with some fun quotes. When she got older, Ty Lee left home and joined a circus, where she became an accomplished acrobat, and used those skills to enhance her close combat ability.

He focuses on attacking the pressure points of the body, and in doing so interrupts the flow of his opponent’s chi, so he can temporarily paralyze his opponents. Naruto can get around this by using some shadow clones to confuse and distract her, and this would leave her wide open to a Rasengan punch that can knock out just about anyone.

7 Suki is not a Bender and Naruto’s enhanced punches by Kurama would kill her with one shot

Suki was a warrior of Kyoshi and, like the other women of her order, was in charge of defending the island of Kyoshi. Suki may be the best non-master in the franchise, as she is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but she also masters the katana and the iconic war fans of her order.

Naruto has fought taijutsu masters, so taking on someone like Suki wouldn’t be that difficult, and since she’s not a master, he doesn’t have to worry about any lost rocks flying towards him. He will be able to block his attacks with ease, and he only needs to deliver a blow powered by Kurama to break all the bones of the body.

6 Toph was unable to wield the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu and Rasenshuriken

Toph is an extremely powerful and skilled earthbender who saved the day multiple times, and did so while blind. She might be blind, but she was still able to perceive her opponent’s movements thanks to her seismic sense.

Toph can use this sense to anticipate her opponent’s attacks, but Naruto could completely overwhelm her seismic sense with his multi-shadow clone jutsu. Even if she eliminated all the clones with her earthbending, he could leap into the air and fire a Rasenshuriken at her. She could create a wall of earth to defend herself, but the Rasenshuriken would break through.

5 Combustion Man’s special fire-control only travels in a straight line, so Naruto can easily dodge it

In the third season of Avatar, Zuko hired a fire-bending assassin to kill Aang, but he was not just any assassin. The assassin was nicknamed « Combustion Man » because he possessed a rare form of fire-control called combustion-control, which allowed him to produce a blast of explosive energy.

The problem with this ability is the fact that the beam travels in a straight line, so a ninja like Naruto could very easily dodge it. After dodging, Naruto can simply fire a small beast tail bomb in the Combustion Man’s general direction, and erase him from existence.

4 The Fire Lord’s flames could never get through Naruto’s Kurama chakra mode

Before the end of the war, Fire Lord Ozai was believed to be the strongest firebender in the world, but the only reason he came close to defeating Aang is because his firebending was amplified by the Comet. of Sozin.

Naruto was able to counter Amaterasu with his Kurama mode, and those were black flames that can burn real fire, so Fire Lord Ozai’s fire wouldn’t do any real damage. Naruto can easily take down the Fire Lord with a beast tail bomb, but he can also use various Rasenshuriken infused with Water Release.

3 Mai is a talented marksman, but has never faced a divine-level ninja

Mai was the daughter of a Governor of the Fire Nation and, although she was not a teacher, she was able to take down several teachers at once thanks to her good aim. As a ninja, Naruto is used to taking on ranged attacks, but if he can withstand divine-level attacks, a pair of sharp shuriken knives and hand arrows won’t scare him.

If Naruto avoids her attacks, he can get closer and take advantage of Mai’s limited melee abilities. Naruto could finish her off with a single punch, and even if she were able to block her normal fists, she could simply transform into Kurama and crush her like an insect with a palm the size of a tailed beast.

2 Piandao wouldn’t be able to defend himself from Naruto’s jutsu

Piandao is considered to be the greatest Fire Nation master and sword maker in history, and he is the man who trained both Zuko and Sokka. He may not be a firebender, but Piandao’s sword skills allowed him to take on multiple firebenders enhanced by Sozin’s Comet.

He may be able to cut through various bending ways, but his sword would be useless against Naruto’s jutsu. A simple Rasengan would be enough to shatter his sword, and if Naruto really wanted to play with him, he could summon Gamabunta or Gamakichi, who wield colossal katanas.

1 Aang may be the Avatar, but even he can’t stop a tail bomb

At the end of the original series, Aang was clearly the strongest character, which makes sense since he’s the Avatar. Aang is able to use all four elements, and when he enters the Avatar state, his mastery and concentration increase because he is drawing on the experience of all his past lives.

However strong Aang is, however, Naruto can annihilate him with a single attack. A single beast tail bomb has enough destructive power to completely obliterate a small region, so Aang has no chance of defending against such an attack even if he uses the Avatar State.