For a long time, the LGBT + community has not been represented as it deserves in different sectors. In the cinema, those in charge of telling their stories have been those who have had little to do with all these women and men, and much less identify with the values ​​and ideals for which they fight. Music has not been alien to this, because in all these years there have been many cases of people who have had to fight against those who at this point do not accept them.

Fortunately over the years, a lot of artists decided to open up about their sexuality to free themselves and thus create incredible music. But beyond composing songs that we all love, the important thing about all of them is that in their own way, made way for a whole new generation to feel identified and above all, that they could express themselves freely through this beautiful universal art.

10 artists currently representing the LGBT + community

Elton John, Peter Straker, and Freddie Mercury in 1977 / Photo: .

The list of LGBT + musicians is huge, covering practically all genres that may come to mind. However, Now we want to remember projects and artists that, although some have been in the industry for years, they do not have the reflector of legends like Elton John and that They are currently using their songs to represent this great community.


They may not recognize the name of TOLejandra Ghersi, but in the music world he is one of the biggest stars, low hand. Under the pseudonym of ARK, the Venezuelan artist –but based in Spain–, has established itself as one of the best producers of experimental electronic music of the last years, since he has worked with a lot of artists, from Kanye West, Björk, Kelela and Rosalía until FKA Twigs.

Homosexuality was one of the biggest conflicts of his life, that is why the theme is present in almost all his musical career. But beyond that, it has established itself as being extremely creative when it comes to being in the studio, which in addition to composing with renowned musicians, has three EP’s and mixtapes, as well as four studio albums but the most recent one KiCk i, It is one of his best jobs and a statement of pride in who he is.

Watch on YouTube Orville Peck

Since time immemorial, country has been a genre that has been dominated predominantly by heterosexual menSo the LGBT + community did not feel represented with that peculiar rhythm. But everything changed when an openly gay person came a few years ago that came to break the stereotype and the perception that was had for years in this type of music, Orville Peck.

In addition to being extremely talented and composing spectacular songs, full of melancholy (thanks to his deep voice), This true artist has managed to maintain country popularity charts. and love the public completely. Orville is full of mysticism, because it always appears as a masked lone ranger who has never shown his faceBut that is not the important thing, what really counts is the power that his music has to pluck your skin even if you are not a fan of this genre.

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Juan Manuel Torreblanca it is not new at all in the music scene of our country, since 2010 and thanks to albums like Beautiful Epoch and The Dust in the Light He earned the recognition and love of a lot of fans throughout Mexico. However, In recent years he has decided to open up more and more about his sexuality and this has been reflected through his songs..

The Mexican composer prefers to fight hate that unfortunately and in full 2020 continues to exist against the LGBT + community with lovecreating some tracks that reflect the feeling of those men and women who feel they don’t fit in because of their sexuality. Torreblanca is the example that the years they make us grow as human beings and above all, They bring us self-acceptance to be happy just as we are.

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Mikaela Straus (better known as King princess) is one of the young stars who have been breaking it in recent years, because her music is a sincere and pure reflection of who she is. She is identified as a non-binary person, and all the experiences that have led her to recognize herself as such are reflected through her songs, which are mainly based on love stories, the kind that make us drop the tear.

Maybe one of the most beautiful songs King Princess has written is “1950”, which is inspired by Carol, a novel that Patricia Highsmith wrote in 1952 and that narrates the love between two women, being one of the first literary works that had two openly lesbian women as protagonists. But in addition to being an excellent songwriter, She is an activist for LGBT + rights and uses her influence on social networks to talk about theto.

Watch on YouTube Yves Tumor

If your thing is to get embroiled with an artist that takes you through a lot of feelings and genres in the same song, Yves Tumor is the one. From 2010, Sean Bowie He has demonstrated various facets through his songs, ranging from talking about abuse of authority against the LGBT + community to tell in his compositions how it is that in the XXI century, there are still people scandalized by gender freedom.

With four studio records –Heaven to a Tortured Mind, the most recent of them–, the American producer has earned the respect of the music industry for going hard on experimentation, where it doesn’t matter if it’s rock, electronic or whatever, everything fits in one place if you know how to accommodate it perfectly. Stay tuned to Yves Tumor, because he’s a guy who paints to keep breaking it.

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One of the women who has earned the right to be the current banner par excellence of the LGBT + community, is without a doubt Héloïse Letissier –Best known to all as Christine and the Queens. Just like the vast majority of artists on this list, the French singer and songwriter broke many schemes since she declared herself pansexual in 2014.

Christine handles a speech, style and class that very few people throughout history have managed to raise their voices in favor of all those people who for years have been persecuted. But in addition to his work as an activist, Her talent both on stage and in the studio is undeniable, as she has proven to be an authentic pop artist, one of those who puts her heart to everything she does.

Watch on YouTube Alex Anwandter

Music has always served as the reflection of a society, for better or for worse. In this sense, and after several years innovating within the independent Latin American music scene, Alex Anwandter became a true spokesperson fighting for the rights of all these men and women who are still being singled out for their sexuality.

Through soft synth pop melodies full of good vibes, the musician and Chilean has established himself as one of the most important artists of his generation. But beyond that, has used his songs as a platform to report injustices, as he did in the song “How can you live with yourself?”, where he mentions the case of Daniel Zamudio, a young man who unfortunately died attacked by a group of intolerant people, and in whom Alex repudiates all these kinds of acts in his country.

Watch on YouTube Honey

Sweetie It is a Spanish group that has gained the attention of the media and the general public for many reasons, the main one being for the sound and the lyrics within their songs. This band is formed by Alice Ros on the bass, Paola Rievero playing the guitar and Maria Talaverano hitting keyboards hard, and in their songs they talk about issues like bisexuality, as well as common situations experienced by LGBT + people and in general.

Through catchy melodies, full of eighties vibes that will make you move your skeleton, this group of girls that will make you remember those simple and unassuming songs from when you were a teenager. And that’s basically the genius of Cariño, that they don’t need to use complicated phrases to talk about genderless loveIt doesn’t matter if it’s for him or her, everyone can identify with their songs.

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Esteman is one of the brightest talents that Colombia has exported in recent years, because the subtlety of their melodies and the message in their songs (almost always of love) they have taken him to work with a lot of important artists from our continent, from Natalia Lafourcade, Mon Laferte, Andrea Echeverri de Aterciopelados, Carla Morrison, Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas, Caloncho and more.

His latest album, Free love, is perhaps the most personal of all because through him, the Colombian musician opens with his audience in an attempt to normalize and naturalize homosexuality so that people no longer see it as a taboo, where exposes how important it is for any human being to love and be loved. By the way, recently we had Esteman in the Sopicueva recording an acoustic session that was spectacularr

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To close this list, We have a woman who has been surprising us with her music for yearsa, directly from Chile the great one reaches us Javiera Mena. For a long time (almost two decades), the composer and singer has surprised us with albums like Youth Schemes, Ore and Another Erawhere he introduced us balls full of beats to dance as if there was no tomorrow, and ideal for putting together a good party.

In addition to his work as an artist, javiera is an important figure for the LGBT + movement in Latin America, being one of the main precursors that in this continent words like gay, lesbian or transsexual get normalized, involving of course end the stigma many people still have when listening to them so that the attacks against the community stop.

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