Communication through the different digital channels is an option that companies should seek in the face of the pandemic. And within those digital channel options, email is one that cannot be ruled out now. Email has proven to be highly effective over the years (and still is in the midst of the pandemic), for example, as shared by Oberlo, up to 81 percent of small businesses have their primary email address. channel for customer acquisition, while 80 percent use it for retention. Considering its relevance, this time we will see some recommendations that should be taken into account when developing email marketing campaigns to reach customers and achieve results.

According to Social Media Today, these are the elements to avoid for your email marketing campaigns to perform better from now on:

Focus on the fact that the same measure applies to all

Developing email marketing is not a task that only consists of collecting emails and sending everyone the same message. Within these lists there are various audience segments that must be taken into consideration and therefore it is not advisable to send the same message to all. For example, consider that within the sales funnel some are already in the consideration stage while others are just in the brand awareness stage.

With the above in mind, the best way to go at this point is to send different emails to different groups of the brand’s audience, taking as a reference the segment to which they belong.

According to the source, email segmentation can increase the open rate by up to 203 percent.

Using unreliable data to send recommendations

Data can be key in the development of email marketing campaigns, through this, more relevant messages can be generated for consumers, for example, based on their purchase history, campaigns with product recommendations can be generated. Therefore, it is important that the data to be used for this type of effort is reliable.

The main recommendation for brands is to obtain better information about their customers by leveraging elements such as third-party apps or their own sellers.

According to the source, the overall health of data for 60 percent of companies is unreliable.

Manually send emails to each audience group

While it can be said that you need to be meticulous when sending emails for email marketing campaigns, this does not mean that everything has to be done manually. This can present many drawbacks at one time or another. Instead, it is valid to leverage the automation tools available. One of the benefits that this can bring is getting the messages to the audience in a more timely manner.

Did you know that automated emails can generate up to 320 percent more revenue?

Assume that people open their emails only on desktop computers

Although email or electronic mail is a channel that has existed for more decades, this does not mean that it has not changed the way it is used and the messages that arrive there are read. Particularly now with the ground that mobile devices like smartphones have gained, it can no longer be assumed that people view their email only on the computer.

With the above survey, aspects such as the design of the messages must change. Consider creating a campaign that is mobile-friendly so that it looks good on different devices and in different sizes.

According to the source, about 53 percent of emails are currently opened on mobile devices.

Write an email as if you were a robot

Sending generic messages, along with sending the same message to all email lists is another activity that was long gone. The way to go now for every brand is personalization.

Your campaigns should include personalization to delight consumers. This is not just a gesture that people will appreciate, it has significant benefits. For example, the source points out that emails that are personalized provide transaction rates up to 6 times higher.

Use many calls to action

The calls to action in email marketing campaigns are important, however, this does not mean that they should be abused in the body of the emails. Moderation is necessary if you want results.

Ideally, any campaign that is sent should focus on just one or two call-to-action or CTA buttons within the message. In the case of those messages that contemplate the use of a single call to action, the source points out that this single element can increase the clicks received up to 371 percent more. So, in your next campaign, focus on a single goal that you want to achieve with emails.

Don’t present an option to unsubscribe

If you want to generate a bad user experience for the recipients of your email marketing campaigns and affect the reputation of the firm, then don’t give people the option to unsubscribe from your email lists and stop receiving communications from your part.

On the contrary, if you want to avoid problems like the previous ones, it is important to always include an « out-put » option for all the messages you send in your email marketing campaigns.

Currently, hiding the option to unsubscribe can trigger indicators that the messages you send are SPAM, and in regions like Europe this can already be penalized after the entry into force of the GDPR.

Use a lot of promotional words

Another way it seems that what you send is spam, is to use many words in your messages that can be precisely interpreted as spam. It’s particularly about promotional words. On the internet there are entire lists of phrases that it is better to avoid so that spam filters do not affect campaigns.

On the other hand, consider it better to restrict the number of promotional words to use in email marketing.

Did you know that spam contributes 14.5 billion emails to the total sent globally per day? This means that up to 45 percent of the messages that are sent by mail are considered spam.

Developing cold-emailing

This is yet another practice that will lead to suspicion of your brand and the idea that you are spamming. You should never send emails of a commercial nature to people who are not part of your email lists for email marketing and who have not opted for this.

Messages should only reach those who have voluntarily decided to receive them.

Also, in this case the numbers are not in favor of the brands, less than 24 percent of the emails of this type are opened.

Spend time only on messages and not on subject lines

Finally, when developing email marketing it is important to be clear that not everything is about the body of the message, the subject line also deserves attention, in fact it is crucial to manage it properly because it is the first element that people will see and from there they will decide whether open the message or not.

Consider taking the time to write a compelling subject line, remember that 35 percent of people open emails based on the subject line alone. On our site you will find articles that will help you create better texts for this space.