10 Abilities You Didn’t Know Usagi Had (Because She Never Uses Them)

For those who have spent a lot of time watching and reading Sailor Moon, there are a few abilities that seem to be the most dependent on Sailor Moon throughout the series. From his Lunar Tiara Attack to his Lunar Princess Halation, there are some attacks that come back again and again as he defends Tokyo and the Land from evildoers.

But there are also some abilities that Usagi only uses once or that don’t appear in every iteration of Sailor Moon, making them abilities that many fans don’t even know she can use or have possibly forgotten exist as Usagi rarely trusts. in them.

10 Attack of the Golden Feather

The name of this move is actually one made up by fans, as the actual attack never has a name. It only appears in the Sailor Moon video game as well, so fans who haven’t played it won’t even know about this particular move.

With this attack, Sailor Moon uses her hairpieces, which look like feathers, hence the name of the movement among fans, as projectile weapons, launching them at her enemies.

9 Ultrasonic waves

Fans of the 90s anime will remember Sailor Moon using this move in her first battle and only used it sparingly after that, despite its effectiveness. When Sailor Moon is knocked down by the youma she is facing and discovers that she has hurt her knee, she freaks out and no longer wants to fight.

This leads her to start crying. Their toupees pick up high-pitched sound and transmit it as ultrasonic waves, incapacitating their enemies with their piercing sound.

8 Sailor Moon Kick

Of the scouting sailors, only one couple is regularly seen using actual physical rather than magical attacks, with the great example of Jupiter, who is a trained martial artist as well as being a magical girl. But there are a couple of times Sailor Moon gets in to fight physically.

One such example is with the use of his Sailor Moon kick, which is pretty self-explanatory. Sailor Moon surprises the enemy with a kick to the face, momentarily incapacitating him.

7 Time travel

Sailor Scouts travel through time more than once, but are usually assisted by Sailor Pluto, who is the gatekeeper of time. But the Sailor Cosmos, the most definitive and powerful version of the Sailor Moon, doesn’t seem to need to rely on Sailor Pluto’s abilities.

She is seen traveling through time even without Pluto’s help, and she goes back in time as a Chibi-Chibi, from a very distant future where sailor scouts no longer seem to be in the picture.

6 Cosmos Cristal Lambda Power

As the Sailor Moon series progresses, the plot becomes more ambitious and more complicated. One of these complications is the identity of Sailor Cosmos. It is revealed that she is a version of Sailor Moon from the future, when she reaches her maximum power.

The Crystal of the Cosmos is the most powerful weapon of the Marine Cosmos, and has the ability to facilitate the rebirth of the entire universe, including the brand-new Sea Crystals. The Crystal itself never appears in the series, and the Lambda Power is only shown once.

5 Princess Sword

In the live action series « Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon », « The Princess Sword » is a weapon worn by Princess Sailor Moon. The Lunar Sailor Princess version of the character also only exists in this Lunar Sailor continuity, so naturally the Princess Sword only exists in this series as well.

The sword can be used as both an offensive and defensive weapon, but its most powerful ability is that it can absorb the energy sent towards it by enemy attacks. She can also transform into Princess Harp, which Sailor Princess Luna can use to heal wounds.

4 Moon Sparkling Sensation

Moon Sparkling Sensation is a move that appears nowhere in Sailor Moon canon except in the Sailor Moon arcade game. With this attack, as with two others on this list, Sailor Moon uses the four crystals on her brooch to launch four beams of light at her enemy, damaging them in the process.

However, he cannot perform the attack unless he is in possession of four crystals, so he is not always available for him to do so, making it an even rarer move.

3 Attack on the sailor’s body

Not unlike the Sailor Moon kick, the Sailor’s body attack is a direct physical move that the Sailor Moon uses in battle against her enemy. Although Sailor Moon is not known for being particularly strong physically, she uses this direct attack once in the anime, and it is also available as an attack in the video game, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S 3DO.

Sailor Moon performs this movement by running and jumping over her opponent, hitting him with her elbows.

2 Luna Tiara Stardust

This is a move that only appeared once, in the 1990s animated series, and is not a canon move in any other version of Sailor Moon. In the episode, Iguara, a youma, has hypnotized a large number of people using a pet store that sells creatures called Chanelas, which steal human energy.

To perform the movement, Sailor Moon removes her tiara and throws it on a group of people who are under the spell of the youma Iguara to reverse the effects of the spell.

1 Moonlight Twilight Flash

Moon Twilight Flash is a move never used in the original ’90s anime, but can be seen a couple of times in the manga, in the live action series, and in Sailor Moon Cry stal. With the use of her tiara, Sailor Moon sends out flashes of light, which are given off from the natural light of the moon.

She uses this move to banish shadows and sometimes blind her enemies, and is particularly seen using it to banish a shadow cast by Nephrite.