Palmeiras players celebrate a penalty goal today, in a group B match of the Copa Libertadores between Bol & # 237; var and Palmeiras at the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz (Bolivia). . / David Mercado

La Paz, Sep 16 . .- The Brazilian Palmeiras defeated this Wednesday in La Paz by 1-2 a Bolívar out of shape and with 9 points out of 9 possible they consolidated in the first place of group B of the Copa Libertadores in the resumption of the tournament. continental.
A penalty kick by Willian in minute 34 and a long shot by Gabriel Menino in 60 gave the green victory, while Argentine Marcos Riquelme discounted for the locals in 67.
The alternative team chosen by the former selector Vanderlei Luxemburg left the La Paz, led by the Argentine Claudio Vivas, stationed with three units, waiting for what happens in Thursday’s match between the Paraguayan Guaraní, who has 3 integers, and the Argentine tiger, bottom without points.
In the first half, the difference was evident between the Bolivians, who moved heavily, having arrived at the match without having played official matches since March, and the Brazilians with the advantage of playing in their local tournament since the beginning of August.
Those of Vivas made several errors that prevented them from making the offensive plays with which they tried to be respected at home, while the Greens were initially cautious, without giving up the attack.
In the 32nd minute, Chilean referee Piero Maza charged Palmeiras a penalty for a foul by defender Adrián Jusino against Brazilian Rony.
The person in charge of executing was Willian, who kicked to the left and, although the celestial goal Javier Rojas sensed correctly, he could not contain the shot.
The goal encouraged the Luxembourg team, although they could not extend the lead.
On the other hand, the celestial ones could not connect and had to go to rest with the weight of the disadvantage.
The Greens started the second half with an offensive attitude and in the first minutes they had at least three attempts to extend the score.
In the 60th minute, Gabriel Menino tried a long shot that completely beat the celestial defenses.
Seven minutes later, Riquelme, who had barely appeared in the first half, took advantage of a Luis Gutiérrez center to score the only goal for the La Paz Academy.
The La Paz Academy was finally able to find the rhythm and was thrown incessantly against the Weverton goal, but it was not enough to tie.
In the minutes of injury, Bolívar was saved from scoring a third goal with a contained goal by Rojas to a shot from the newly entered Gustavo Scarpa.
– Data sheet:
1. Bolívar: Javier Rojas; Diego Bejarano, Adrián Jusino, Luis Gutiérrez, Jorge Flores; Cristhian Machado (m.63, Álvaro Rey), Fidencio Oviedo, Roberto Fernández (m.46, Víctor Ábrego), Erwin Saavedra (m.79, Anderson Emanuel); Juan Carlos Arce and Marcos Riquelme.
Coach: Claudio Vivas.
2. Palmeiras: Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Luan, Gustavo Gómez, Matías Viña, Ramires (m.53, Bruno Henrique); Gabriel Menino, Zé Rafael (m.85 Gustavo Scarpa), Raphael Veiga (m.73, Danilo); Willian (m.75 Vitor Hugo) and Rony (m.74, Gabriel Veron).
Coach: Vanderlei Luxembourg.
Goals: 0-1, m.34: Willian, from a penalty. 0-2, m.60: Gabriel Menino. 1-2, m. 67: Marcos Riquelme.
Referee: the Chilean Piero Maza admonished Zé Rafael, Gabriel Menino, Bruno Henrique and Danilo.
Incidents: Match of the third day of group B played at the Hernando Siles stadium, in La Paz, without an audience due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. A minute of silence was held for the victims of the coronavirus.